or what seems like it.

I have been dealing with pain in my finger for about a week plus. when it first started, I saw the company GP who prescribed painkillers and said it should heal.

fast forward to today, this is how my fingers looked like..

I couldnt extend my ring finger straight. it was getting really, really stiff, and that was what triggered the alarm bells in me. that, and a swollen lump at my palm and this 'clicking' sensation when I bend and straighten my finger (with the help of the other hand). oh, and of cos swollen finger as well. I haven't been able to fit in my wedding band for days already.

side profile. if you look hard enough, you can see the tiny bump at my palm as well.

so I rushed off to the doc at lunch to get it checked. I was freaking out after my research on Google last night that indicated 50% of trigger finger cases has to go through surgery.

so yeah, my own self diagnosis was right and I really had a trigger finger.. in case you are wondering, the name is such because your hand would look like you have just pulled the trigger (on a pistol). the doctor affirmed my suspicions and gave me the option of a steroids jab first. it would help relieve some of the pain, loosen things in there and potentially help with the issue which is a swollen tendon getting jammed up on the 'nerves highway' that locks the finger.. confused? haha. if it doesn't help in healing, I'll have to go for surgery so please keep your fingers crossed for me and pray that I recover!  thank you!

skip the next picture if you are afraid of needles/injections etc.

the doctor said he'll choose a thin needle for me. and this isn't your usual poke, jab, done kind of injections.  he poked in, squeezed a little of the contents, turn the needle and poke some more, squeeze a little more, turn the needle again, squeeze a little bit more and repeat entire process a few more times.

yeah. even when I have super high tolerance of needles, I find it quite agonizing to bear.. so much so, I requested to take a picture.

the doctor is very much amused! it's his first experience of having someone request to take a picture of the procedure. and thin needle indeed..

OK. I wanted to take a few more pictures but I didn't manage to.

he already pulled out the needle after I spend some time trying to get good angle.


the best part? I am supposed to rest my finger and not do any strenuous actions that might potentially strain it, no heavy weight items, keep it dry to minimize the risk of infection..  which means, I don't have to do any of the housework! no more milk bottle washing for a few days. haha.

I also saw the same doctor for issues with my neck since i had a referral letter for the chronic neck pains that I had been having for years. I did a MRI scan today and am waiting for the result. will blog about it when the review is due.

and yes, I do have quite a bit of health issues it seems. am getting old!

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