just watched the dark knight. wow. and hey, i catch that 3 secs of edison’s back view and 1 sec of his pretty face!

on a totally irrelevant note, if i could do one thing right now.. i’ll cut off my head. the frequent headaches that i’m getting are driving me crazy.

and i think i am so gonna sound like a loser saying that i’m gonna say next – i think i cannot handle stress.

i used to think i manage stress very well.. until lately, when the headaches keep bugging me. every time the phone ring and i see (work)calls, my head starts to throb. and then, together with murphy’s law – if anything can go wrong, it will, things become a disaster.

i just told der 30 mins ago that i wish i could just die. you know, a lot of people commit suicide because they cannot take things anymore. they cannot see the logic of things, and they decided that dying would solve all the problems because they don’t have to think or solve anymore.

well.. for a moment, i was feeling all that.. but don’t worry. i am NOT gonna commit suicide. because, i’m logical to know that dying would cause more problems for the people around me.. and the cause of everything, will still remain.

if anyone remember the show of andy lau and sammi cheng, where sammi is always washing the toilets to alleviate her stress… i did that just now. i cleaned up the room a bit and that really relieved my headache a little. doing mindless things and because u are concentrating on the mindless things, it takes ur mind off the stressful bit, and the pain goes off. when u stop, the pain comes back. interesting huh. try that the next time u get a migraine and see if it works.

i’m feeling a little sad at this point in time cos you spend so much time planning for something or for a purpose in the future.. and things happen to thwart your plans.. and u realised that you worked that hard, and in the end, you gain nothing and have everything to lose. now that i think about it… damn, i should have just grabbed that prada and miu miu that i eyed when i was in hk. at least, i could have a week of satisfaction.

life’s funny, isn’t it?

but one thing for sure, life still have to go on.

and.. another thing.. i am beginning to hate work.

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