i miss having nice big pictures in my bloggie. and i sat in front of the computer for hours sorting out photos and photoshopping (simple one lah!) into collages..

here’s some taken during our lunch hour today. realised lynette’s quite a cam whore like ME!! *giggles*

and yest, the entire marketing team went to parkway’s fish & co for lunch right after our meeting. a farewell lunch for jaime who’s leaving on friday and coincidentally, it was tay jie’s first day with the chickie team. 🙂

and cos jennifer always have cravings for something after lunch, we waited at starbucks for our takeaway coffee (mango ice blended frap. for me!) after out meal. funnily enough, soo leng and i fished out our cammies and we started snapping. 🙂

the craving’s for today was bubble tea. i think i am earning much lesser as compared to my last job weighing on the amt of moolah splashed on transportation, cab fares for lunch, and stuff i eat. uh oh.

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