finally have a bit of time to myself this week. since the return from melbourne, i have been really tired..

and so, i finally looked at the pictures taken on my last day with my colleagues. unfortunately, many of the pictures of me came out blur (using my dslr).. errrmm.. i am presuming it’s because its too hi-tech for my colleagues to use. hee.

and so, here’s the pictures. the sad thing is not the entire team was around. it was a busy week and a lot of them had to be out of the office.

still… the last memories of

errmm.. that’s not me. it’s a life size poster!

me and “me” & the survival kits that i gave all of them.

The survival kit reads…

This is a SURVIVAL kit especially designed for everyone of you here, for these wonderful bunch of people whom I worked with and became friends with. My team mates used to say I’m good with press kits, but I’m good for survival kits too!

This isn’t a wow gift, but this is a gift that would remind you of me in moments of need (literally!). This isn’t something that you could buy anywhere, because it is filled with my concern and care, wishing the best for your well-being.

It is sad that I am leaving behind a cool bunch of people. Will sure miss all those fun that I had, all the interesting events that we went through together.

Please keep this survival kit in your office drawer, because it is where it should belong. And it is there, that my survival it will help you tide through all those urgh! and hair-pulling moments.

Take care and happy surviving! I know you’ll be thinking of me every time this kit comes in handy.

Lotsa love,
Cherie 🙂

and if you were keen in know what is in the survival kit… it consist of the following..

1. nail clipper

2. panadols

3. sewing kit

4. toothpicks

5. plasters

there are also tips in the box on what items can go into the box. i didn’t put everything i think should be there since some of them are quite sensitive and personal (read: “bread”), and because i didn’t have a lot of time to go buy a lot of other items, i guess these will just suffice. 🙂

and yes, i got a small LV tote as well. Pretty little thing, but… errmmm.. errrmm.. it’s a little too small for me (wondering to fit the camera or the mobile in there)!

Oopsie. i hope none of them are reading (dee/agnes, pretend u didnt read this!). 😛

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