that was the view i looked at for hours when i met up with rodney. it’s funny how i found so much similarities in his life situation and mine. it was a simple night out, but yet, it got me thinking on a lot of issues.. and triggered me to do some reflections.

somehow, his reactions would be the same as his. so am i wrong to judge him from my womanly girly, childish views? i absolutely have no idea.. but i will continue to dwell on it further.

i think i talked a lot for the night. waaaaaaay to much to someone on a first date. hmmm.. i should have stopped myself, but i guess i was feeling comfortable enough to go on. now i think back, it feels weird. weird to have blab so much.

after staring at the above scene for almost 7 hours and what did i do when there is a chance for a dinner break during my long work day on friday? enjoy a beer or 2 with great steak.

that was like the BEST thing that happened to me on friday. never mind i had a bad migraine. never the fact that im not really a drinker. 🙂

after my work today, i went to join allan and moses for a game of snooker! i met alicia for the first time and she’s sweet! am really glad for moses to have found someone finally.. it’s been more than 10 years since he got himself a gf!

feeling really bored and sorta lonely that no one has asked me out.. i decided to self-invite and gatecrash on allan’s cousin fren’s birthday party at partyworld. it was amazing that i really had fun with a bunch of strangers. well.. almost strangers. turns out i briefly met 3 of the people at snooker sesh before. hee. the birthday boy is really amusing and entertaining and he stays in the block beside me. i’ve heard allan talking about him for the longest time and today, i finally met him.

the first thought that came to my mind? Hmmmm.. now i have another supper kaki… not that i eat supper often anyway!

i really had fun. thanks to allan whom brought me along.

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