If you have read my previous entry and is interested in making a road ID tag for your kiddo or your close ones who are passionate about racing or for anyone whom you feel might need it, i’m sharing a coupon that’s good for the next 30 days (up to 20 users) till 12 Apr.

Coupon Number: ThanksCherie25581011

The coupon is good for $1 off any Road ID order placed by 04/12/2013. To order, simply go to RoadID.com or click the link below:


road id tags are traditional used by cyclists, runners or any sporting enthusiasts which allows them to wear their identification and medical information (blood type, allergies etc) so that people can identify them and treat them with the information available in case of accidents or unconsciousness. These days, the tags are also widely used for people with needs, aged people with dementia, autistic kids, or in my case, very young children who are unable to articulate themselves yet.

Hope this helps and i am eagerly waiting for the road id tags that i ordered to show up. Can’t wait to let jerry it wear it so that i have some peace of mind.