i found myself feeling really broke just days after i gotten my pay and paid off all my bills.

i was a little worried when my account showed just a couple of hundreds, barely enough for me to survive the month… with other commitments to pay for.

i didn’t remember that i will be that broke.. until the other day, i was sorting out all my bills.. and i saw a receipt stapled to my credit card bill.


i already paid that damn bill and the other day, i made a trip to pay for it again without realising i have done so previously.

is the fatigue really getting to me?

i just dumped like a thousand dollars into the bank for NOTHING?!

looks like the perfect excuse to just keep swiping my card for the next month. since it’s ALREADY PAID FOR.

i must be the silliest person on earth to dump money into my CREDIT card account. looks like i’m giving the bank the credit instead.

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