This conversation happened earlier this year, when I was updating the husband about my travel plans. It was early January and we just got back from a 3 day holiday in Macau. It was a surprise birthday holiday that the husband knew nothing about till 48hrs before flight time. I wish I could keep the surprise till we reach the airport but unfortunately, it is not very possible with kids in the picture. There are logistics to shift them in with the gramps before the trip happens and packing their stay over bag would be a huge giveaway. Nonetheless, the husband was *still* surprised.

So, immediately after the Macau trip, while I was packing for my Korea trip that’s happening in a matter of hours then..

Me: Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am travelling to bangkok in March or April.
Husb: Huh? Again?
Me: Err.. ya..
Husb: You just came back from Amsterdam last month, and Macau just happened. You are flying to Korea in hours, and USA in Feb… and now Bangkok.
Me:  *sheepish grin*
Husb: Next time, when my friends ask me what my wife works as, I am telling them that you are a flight stewardess.
Me: Hey, you know I am not!
Husb: Almost there. You are flying every month anyway.
Me: Duhz..

So, that was then.. and who knows I actually added a few more trips that I thought possible? I still have Yangon/Bagan in about 10 days time with my girlfriend, Irene, and I am also going on a Nepal trekking trip in October that I am SUPER excited about. I know. Everyone has been exclaiming how much I travel but I am coming to terms that I am not very young anymore and I need to do this physically demanding items off my bucket list as soon as I can.

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Meanwhile, Happy Father’s day to my dear husband.. Thank you for learning to be patient with the kids and trying to be the best father you can be. The boys love you so!