the sun just set at where i am, but it’s way past midnight now in singapore. had a tiring and adventurous day, but would love more of such stuff if i had the moolah and the luxury of time.

holidaying sure makes time pass really fast. it’s like… what?! i have been away for 8 days already?

where did all that time slip to?

i know i should be soaking up more in the sunset, the waterfalls, enjoying the hotel room, snuggling myself up in the comfortable beds or out ‘hunting’ the animals and take more pictures.

instead, here i sit in front of the terminal and read up on the last 100+ blog posts of my friends. it’s called internet withdrawal syndrome.

the interesting thing today? i almost got kicked by the zebra’s hoof because i stretched my hand out and pretended to ‘touch’ it while posing for a picture. the tail whipped me on my back, and i ran away before the hoof hit me. it was a close shave!

anyway, i got the nearby town people to make a trip to the hotel for manicure/pedicure at usd$30 for acrylic nails. The nails that the girls have here looks really nice and the hotel’s service is at usd$95. So, i got lucky because i asked the lady where she had hers done and since I am not able to make the trip, i asked if the lady was willing to make the trip in! and yeah! ask and you shall be granted. will blog about the end results.

gonna trot back to the hotel room now. have been out alone for quite a while already.

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