i have been in a dreamy, sleepy state for the entire day. a little like hallucinating. all i did the entire day was eat, sleep and loaded on a lot of h20. the fever’s gone, but the bod remains a little aching.

i am getting old.

i struggled though the week (yay!), but am being hit by the repercussions of undone work. there are times when i feel like a total loser. urgh!

the dinner and dance wasn’t that fantastic. my dress was really skimpy, and my job is to usher the VVIP around the whole night, and up to the stage for award/prize giving ceremonies, half the time worrying about my short skirt up stage.

i had loads of fun, acting like a real bitch. all dolled up like a call girl of old times, i was acting flirty, batting my long fake lashes at the guys, had crazy poses for peektures, and really pretended to be what i was dressed like. i shocked a few people, but it was mostly laughter and fun.

drank quite a bit on an empty stomach, laughed to stitches when kumar’s on stage, had expensive supper with the gang and did girly stuff back in the hotel. tiring and i don’t think i wanna try another time being in the committee. not like i had any choice in the first place!

let the pictures do the justice.. (i didn’t manage to snap any picture during the event, cos i couldnt bring anything on me!)

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