derrie will be off to turkey in sept!

sounds like a grand plan, but seriously, it is just plain coincidence because it’s the only place in europe (other than dubai & abu dhabi) that we can fly back to singapore from (on that particular weekend that we are looking at), while make use of mileage.

and so, the plans are firmed! its italy (milan – venice – pisa – rome) to paris (euro disney & eiffel tower, im coming!), then to turkey.. making it a 20 days trip! Think it’s going to be a logistical nightmare lugging our luggage around the cities..

travel light. must bear that in mind. maybe, for the first time.. i will just bring along some washing powder to do my laundry.

am very very tired. onwards to hotel booking tomorrowon friday (food tasting is tomorrow night)! am just glad that everything is slowly falling into place.

OMG OMG OMG!! my cousin in netherlands just told me that he will be coming to my wedding as well! it’s been a while since i saw him! how cool! am very the excited.

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