had brunch at Ivar’s Salmon House down at Northlake way.. dine in with a scenic view of Lake Union and slurping more than a dozen of my favourite fresh oysters down my throat. yums yums, i tell ya!

at the rate im eating everyday.. i think i am in need of serious workout when i reach singapore. maybe, you people won’t recognise me anymore! 🙂

i have been real lucky. since the day i came, the sun has been up and i was able to take many nice pictures. i am so thankful for that, cos for the weeks before i came, it was pouring non stop most of the time. the sun also meant that the weather is a little more bearable!

after brunch, i had wanted to head downtown to catch a ride on the duck tour (hey! they have it here too!), but the seats were filled up by the time we reached. they don’t have anymore tours till the 2nd, which is the day im flying out too chicago at 6.30am.. so i have gotta give that a miss.

anyhow, took many pictures of space needle (but not showing here except for that tiny picture beside the duck tour), we moved on to another park. more updates on that later. it’s picture heavy!

please ignore the typo error on Ivar’s!

omg, i have no idea why i decided a LION is called a tiger! must have been too tired last nite to think straight!

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