day 2! woke up bright and early… ok, not very early.. abt 10am? the thing about free and easy is that u have the tendency to just sleep in and NOT do anything!

check out the huge bottle of yakult-like apple flavoured drink. not too bad! very interesting and jen mentioned it to me so many times that i JUST HAD TO TRY.

breakfast was the revolutionary ah zong mian xian in ximending. the thing about taiwan is that you can squat, kneel, sit on the street and eat the mian xian and no one will think you are crazy. i kinda like the picture of der squatting right in front of the shop to eat his noodles. i’m not used to the vinegar there, else i would think the noodles are quite nice with crunchy bits of intestine in there!

strolled around a little in ximending but most of the shops have yet to open.. der bought me a miniature of the silly family, and it’s called x.x.silly (xiao xiao silly). the last picture of der was outside this “modern toilet restaurant”. pretty cool concept where ur drinks are served in mini toilet bowls. too bad we didnt try it out.

some street shots and we saw the boy band – lollipop right smack in the centre of ximending. look at the hordes of people and their CAMERAS! of cos, i had my d80 with me and no fear even though i’m standing really far away. we also bumped into this man with 2 huge dogs! der mentioned he saw him before when he was there many years back, and i read evelyn’s blog abt this guy when she visited taiwan around the same time as i did. looks like he’s quite a prominent and eye-catching figure. the dogs were seriously HUGE!

and so we popped over to wu fen pu, or otherwise aptly put by the guys as “women’s paradise”.

the first thing i did was eat. fried quail eggs and i discovered the joy of papaya milk! i didn’t buy anything except for 2 simple dresses and a belt. tonnes to see but i was just not in the shopping mood. most of the stuff were relatively expensive as well. after walking my soles sore in wu fen pu, we trooped over to raohe ye shi…

we tried the smelly tofu here! it really stinks big time and totally spoilt my mood in checking out the stores, but we decided to give it a try.. so der very gangho-ly went to buy and wah! i had to really convince myself to eat it.

verdict? crispy, nice and tasty, but my mouth stinks BIG TIME and i cannot stand my stinko mouth!! washed it down with loads of water and a bar of chocolate after that.

this is also the day that i felt like i was on a road march. we walked so much.. from train station to wu fen pu, then to rao he, then we went on a mission and walked 40mins from rao he night market to TAIPEI 101! *faint*

well.. it was my idea.. will blog abt taipei 101 another day cos i’m dead tired tonight already. crashin out. bye.

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