as i was reading everyone’ else entries about the cny.. it seems i am having a less than normal cny celebration as compared to everyone else.

no special customs that i read about, no queuing of the kids to pay respects to the elders to get angpows.. no house visiting for me..

being a true blue singaporean that i am.. i never spent a single chinese new year in singapore for as long as i can remember.

so, cny for me means shopping for groceries in the hypermarkets in msia, VCD/DVD buying, movies going in the town of klaung, and then these days, it’s being stuck to a laptop and playing games to while time away. Last year, goo brought the wii set from the states for ah gong and that kept everyone entertained for a while. This year, gor and me tried to introduce everyone to the game of mahjong, but it’s really hard to teach when everyone is so tired from all the travelling and it not being an easy game to learn.

and so, it’s been pretty boring so far and it’s been only mahjong and internet that keeps me company.

ok. today is special cos im bringing my aunt’s fren who came from the states out for some shopping.

everyone have a good weekend. 🙂

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