sometimes, i wonder if people realise that singapore is very small. in fact, the world is blardy small.

you know, people know people and somehow, people get to know what you have been doing.

some days ago, i got a call from an friend. she called to warn me about this other friend (A) of ours. it was a call that shocked me thoroughly, and somehow made me change my entire impression of A.

as i then found out. A lived in a world of lies. everything that he possibly told me before was false. he prob. made it up himself or that he pretended i was part of a frictional world that he created. not that he was ever close to me, but knowing that he fueled me with a dozen pack of lies about his life just doesnt sit well. and with the facts that my girl friend told me, which she gathered from a friend, who’s sister seemed to be in very close relations with A, i really prefer to choose to believe the girls.

i dont know if trust is something that can develop in me anymore. either im in part of his friction story or someone else could be. i really dont know why, someone at my age, would want to do something like that.


if only my friend would wake to his senses soon.

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