it’s 1.32am here in new york. the day had been an extremely long one, with me feeling not too well at this point of time.

my eyes are a little burning, my nose hurts though im not sure from what, my mucus membranes are extremely dry and taut due to the weather, and rashes have broken out on my forehead. its super itchy and hurts when i try to apply cream. i wonder if it’s the wool cap that i wore that caused the irritation on my forehead, but that has been the ultimate discomfort factor for the last 10 hours.

everyone else is asleep and im supposed to be waking at 6.30am. gotta fly outta here tomorrow morning and there is a place that we havent visited.

the flight here has been tough. especially since its my first trip flying alone. special thanks to larry.. who coincidentally was on duty at the airport, so while i thought i had to spend 2 hours in the airport alone… he treated me to coffee and sugar roll when i reached, and we sat and chatted till my boarding game almost closed. of cos, the original intention of typing a short post at the airport has been abandoned, since there isnt time to do so. he also calmed my nerves while at the airport cos the stupid ua customs freaked me out with the questions that they have been bombarding me with.

can i just say i think i look like the potential terrorist/smuggler/illegal immigrant? everywhere i go, and the customs i have to clear.. i am ALWAYS marked for additional checks and questioning. gosh! i cannot tell you how RELIEVED i am when i finally reached chicago airport.

oh! larry.. i forgot that i am supposed to help you buy that thing before i fly.. remembered only when i got into the plane! so sorry! i guess the flurry of getting to the gate and boarding brushes everything outta my mind.

the flight to hong kong for transit has been smooth. i wouldnt know of anything if the situation was otherwise. when the plane took off, i sat by the window seat (my aunt especially requested for me) and was super lucky to have no one seated beside me. the rest of the flight were pretty full and i think i was the only lucky one. 2 mins after the plane took off, i lifted the arm rests, buckled myself in the middle seat, and slept like a baby. when i woke, i didnt even get the chance to get any meal or ask for drinks. i woke to the announcement that the plane is landing in 15 mins time.

found my way ard the hk airport, boarded the plane 10 mins after i got to the correct gate. another window seat for me. 🙂 but i am so bloody miserable in this 14 hr flight!

the flight’s full, with alot of babies travelling. there was at least 5-6 babies just where i am seated! their wailing is quite disturbing in an aircraft, especially when they seemed to go off one after another. guess what’s the sad thing? i had one right behind me.

my seat was constantly being kicked, whacked with the baby rattle by the baby, the loud cries and the mother continuously dragging my seat down every single time she stood up. Grrr.. the dragging of the chair part i can understand la. hard to stand up carrying baby mah, but everything together was like.. argh!

and that, was just a minor irritation for me on the trip.

the guy seated besides me totally pissed me off can? 1st, act smart. he kept taking seats that weren’t his and ended up changing the seats so many times ard me. 2nd, too friendly. im knackered and i dont wish to talk. he kept going non-stop. 3rd, i tried to read (hint to him as well), and he interfered into what i was reading and KEPT GOING ON & ON. and guess what? he has BAD BREATH! so put off by him! and he launched into a conversation telling me his life story (super not interested), the company he works for and the planes they make.. stories about his travelling trips to singapore in what year what year.

was there ever a elizabeth shopping center in singapore? elizabeth arden, i know. shopping center unheard of. and i dont even want to mention how he insisted singapore was left hand right and the states was right hand drive, despite me correcting him. i wondered how much truth there is, when he told me he stayed in the states.

he even asked me to share a bowl of noodles with him can? i am so BLOODY DISGUSTED. he’s not even anywhere near my age! prob. in the late 40s or early 50s! and he’s balding and has a broken front tooth too, and stained teeth all over. Eeeks!

i dont know why he doesnt get the hint that i wished to be left alone, even after i took my jacket and covered it over my head to nap so many times. so throughout the entire flight, i couldnt do anything else cos he kept interfering in my business. he even got something to say when i checked my watch for the time. alamak! i wished i could just scream!!

13+ hrs and i stayed in my seat, with minimal movement. i strained my back in the sitting position i was cos i desperately leaned to the window to avoid any closeness to the creature beside me. and when the plane was about to land, i decided to head for the laboratory, just in case i didnt have the time to go when i reach chicago.

chicago airport is huge and i had to go from terminal 5 to terminal 1, which is extremely far far away, with the tram ride and lotsa walking plus clearing immigration. and i had only 50 mins to do everything in order to catch the next plane.

turns out, the plane was delayed for 3 friggin hours. bad weather in new york. the phone my aunt gave me wasnt working and i couldnt tell my uncle that i will be very late when i reach new york. the terminal’s packed cos there were 4 flights to new york before mine, delayed and waiting to take off. i couldnt even find a seat to settle down into.

when i finally decided to call my uncle using my mobile and loading up on the autoroaming charges, i found out that he’s stuck in chicago too. he made me walk from 1 end to the other end of the terminal (mind u, its 2 different huge buildings!! very much like our terminal 1 to 2) to locate him.

and there we sat, waiting for the flight information and updates on departure time. and we are on different flights. mine’s an hr later than his initially, but ended up 2.5 hrs later cos of the delays.

did i mention that i was SO looking forward to this stretch of the journey? i was being upgraded to business class for the flight and was so glad for the change in bigger seats and better service. but guess what? my uncle asked me to change my flight to his, so we can fly together and he wont have to wait for me at the airport in new york. i am so UNWILLING to do it, but went to enquire since i have checked-in luggage with the other flight. turns out, they are willing to pull out my luggage and have me fly the earlier flight. when i got back my ticket.. *SOBS* my business class is GONE.

poof! just like that. arrrhhh!! was really upset and complaining to my uncle that i dont get the chance to fly business!!! it eventually turned out to be a really good thing, cos my uncle swapped his seat with me, and i flew FIRST CLASS! whee! ecstatic lor!

ok, im suah ku, but even though its a domestic first class, it’s very shiok! big seats, excellent service, more variety of drinks and food to eat!! Yums yums! but, i think the stewardess was kinda shocked when i asked for water. everyone was sipping champagne and wine like crazy, and when i said i wanted water.. she looked at me like im crazy. and she actually asked, you sure mdm? no wine? no champagne for you? other alcoholic drinks?

haha. actually, i dont like la.. so kinda wasted and my tummy not feeling too well after the long hours in the air. and so, 2 hours in the plane flew past, even without me napping. seriously DIFFERENT in first class! makes the flight so much enjoyable!

*grins* im gonna ask my aunt for business class tickets next time i fly! haha.

got into new york and took shuttle. dropped stuff at the hotel and walked to china town for dinner. the day pretty much ended with sucky food at chinatown and very strong winds accompanying our walk back.

that pretty much sums up the first day of my journey!