i just can’t help it but wonder… when will i be able to travel and see the world again?

there’s one dream that i always wanted to live out, albeit an expensive & luxurious one. that is traveling on the orient express to bangkok. this dream became a lot more compelling when news about the KTMB train station in tanjong pagar is going to be relocated in july. i have since traveled via the train from that old station many many times as a kid and back in the past, it was the most convenient and only mode of transport for me to get to my grandpa’s place in rengam. i do have much memories of it and its sad to know i’ll never get a chance to take a train from there again!

the last i did was like 10 years ago? since then, the car mode of transportation is much preferred, especially since the train got less popular and the schedules were getting lesser and lesser with odd timings that didnt fit.

somehow, taking the orient express from the woodlands train station just didnt have that nostalgic feel. *le sigh*

can someone fulfill my dream on the orient express please?! (*hint hint* to hubby).

i am also contemplating a trip in late july/early august to the states. my US driving license is going to expire in august, i can always extend it online but then again, it is an excuse for me the get out there and hang around. after all, it’s been a long while since i last went back. was it 4 or 5 years ago?

decisions. decisions. if only i could just jet off like the past.

and no. i don’t think i will miss my son. not at this point in time YET.

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