i left at 6+ today and headed straight in the direction of home and popped into the clinic that’s just round the corner.

the pain in my leg is getting worse, and it’s not the pain that i cannot bear. in fact, i think i can live with the pain, but im just worried if there might be complications because it was the leg that was being operated, the knee that hurts, and specifically, the area around the old wound feels tender and is hurting the most. i don’t know if it’s my imagination, but it sure feels like that part of the leg is on “fever”, just like how it was when i first tore the ligament.

doc say my acl is perfectly FINE. which is a sigh of relief. but the pain is likely to be caused by some inflammation under the skin, the cause of it, not sure. since i didnt bang into anything, doc deduced that it could be my sleeping position that stressed it.

no jogging or intense exercising for a week (not like i’m intending to anyway! hee) and no heels and all. so, i get the perfect excuse to go buy myself a pair of decent looking flats that can go with my office wear! with permission some more! this is quite exciting.

buy shoes with permission eh. not that i need it, but it sure feels good being granted the permission. ha!

i think i will sit here in front of the com tonight, because moving around is really a pain in the arse. and doc even asked if i wanted mc.. of cos i very diligently said no. tomorrow is friday! how to be on mc..? *thinks of work*

oh wells, i can’t wait for der to come back and have dinner with me so that i can start eating my pain killers after dinner!


oh. suddenly i feel very stupid. i forgot to ask doc why i keep bruising these days at the areas that i dont remember bumping myself in..and i also forgot to ask why i keep feeling this ripple feeling in my head, near the top of the skull..

am i dying soon? or am i having some blood disorder? or is there something wrong with my brain? because i think of too much nonsense like this.

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