my colleague commented that i looked tired. i am indeed very tired. it was a really late night home on a sunday. a really unexpected delay due to the events that happened, and the need to really talk to wei about some issues that was bugging me.

and i didnt sleep till almost 4am, cos i was clearing some stuff that was supposed to be done in the afternoon but didnt have time for. im sure i looked like a panda today. i went to bed with swollen eyes last night.

i’m yawning away, seated by myself at the receptionist table with teary eyes. i have loads to work to do, but it’s upstairs. one of my recept is sick and i had to relieve the other for lunch. so here i am, fighting the Z monster and trying to look fresh when visitors pop into the door. and pretending to sound awake while manning the dial-a-cake hotline.

the talk with wei was theurapetic in a way. it quelled some of my fears and doubts that had been in me for a long time. and seeing the change of situation yesterday, i couldnt hold it out any longer. i’ll burst like a balloon if i still held on, and decided i really needed the talk. now, im glad i did even though it was a really bad timing that i chose. hee. thanks to my understanding guy.

now, i feel refreshed and more at ease when i face wei. thanks sweetie.. 🙂