i had a super bad headache this afternoon. the house was noisy with all that TV noise from the living room. I wanted to get some peace so i walked out to the corridor for some fresh air and peace, only to realise that the neighbours are blasting their tv louder than my mum.

squatting by the stairways for some 10 mins, the pain didnt go away and i got irritated even more because some neighbour was blasting some loud music.

in frustration, i got changed and headed out for a walk. yes. even when the weather’s so hot. i needed some peace to fight the headache and because the 6 weeks exercise ban is only into its 4th week, i cannot do any heart thumping stuff to ‘self cure’ the headache.

sometimes, i cannot stand our closely knitted living quarters, because the noise travels from households and at times, i do not get the peace i want. i haven’t gone into my neighbour’s faulty aircon that throttle every night with the noise penetrating into my room (even when the windows are closed) and disturbing my sleep. was telling my mum that i am this short of complaining to the police/town council. but that is another story altogether.

i wondered at times if i am not a city girl at heart. i think i prefer the peaceful kampong life that i grow up in. even the noises are soothing with the insects’ chirping and toad croaking, but of cos, minus the mosquitoes.

10 mins out, sitting by a quiet void deck and facing the park, my head feels better already. not as splitting. and i thought since i’m out… why not head for a pampering session.

what i wanted for a $10 express manicure turned out to be a $78 manicure. i think i am such a sucker. been wanting to do gel nails just for the fun of it, and when i enquired the last time, the price wasn’t available as the boss was not around.

this time round, the boss filed my nails personally and when i enquired, i decided to go for it. since it will last for a month, why not right?

and my head came up with one hundred and one reasons on why i should for it…

why not? it’s an experience…
can last effectively and i won’t have to worry about fading nail polish..
i got a wedding to attend in june..
they got a promotion going in…

aiyah. whatever are the reasons? not important. because the mouth has already agreed before the mind went to work. 🙂

so, it turned out to be a 2.5 hours pampering sesh, with der waiting patiently (with his eyes glued to the tv) for an hr. still, i am very grateful for his patience. seriously, we are so near the house, he could have gone off and came back for me when i am ready.

and here’s a picture of my pretty nails.

i mixed silver and purple (there were limited colors)

the nails up close.

i ended the sunday with a dinner with my dad and a recurring headache. Hmmm.. am i allergic to my room? or maybe the headache is stress-related.


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