I’m sorry that I didn’t do the Christmas nails as requested! I didn’t had the time to really trial the nail art and the one that I do attempt to try on a single fell flat because my nail polish was too translucent and there wasnt any depth in the colors and didn’t turn out christmassy at all.

But, I had to change out my nails because I had a wedding to attend so I did a simple French that was really fast and quick and tried out the new dotting tool that I got, courtesy of evonnz.

The tools, polishes and all.

I skipped the base coat step, since that’s like a given before you apply any nail colors. I swear by them to prevent nail staining, especially since I am a big lover for dark polishes. Talking about base coats, I am sooooo happy that I got my new seche vite base coat and I have 2 bottles! Anyway, could you tell I’m quite in love with this orly Orlon nail color? It’s sooo natural and nice. I had an extra bottle that I gifted out to one of my colleague for Christmas. I hope she likes it!

Red French tips. I chose red because it’s a wedding and I wanted to wear hints of the auspicious color, without looking too SQ girl. I painted the tips in a single horizontal sweep to get the straight line, and then touching up the sides slightly because I missed out some bits due to the curve of the nail.

Dot the white dots with the dotting tool! I used a medium sized dotting tool, dripped some white polish on a cardboard and I started dipping and dotting away. It’s real easy and the dots all look so good. I got adventurous and added two hearts to my thumb and ring finger for the fun of it.

Finish with top coat and you are done! Take note though, do wait for your dots to be almost dry before the top coat and avoid using too thick a top coat layer as it will ‘melt’ the dots and make them run. I had to redo 3 fingers on my right hand because I had too much top coat and my left hand is not as deft as my right. It might be the mail polish though cos I used the Sally Hansen bottle that I had from a while back. I like that the white is very opaque and it was meant to be used as the white on your French tips.

I didn’t really take the full set of pictures for this because I was in a mad rush to get out! I kinda miss the days where it take me just 10mins to dash out. These days, there’s just so much to prep with a baby.

Maybe I should do a CNY inspired nails next since Christmas is in 4 days. Have you finished your christmas shopping yet?

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