Right after the gathering on Saturday’s afternoon, we rushed home, got changed (but I fell asleep cos I was so tired and had a bad headache), and rushed off to the wedding. With the pouring rain, it just means bad traffic and extreme inconvenience because we couldn’t load the baby as fast as we would like and had to drive the car to a sheltered area and that caused some delay.. We were almost too late! We arrived minutes before the bride and groom entered the room and had a chance for a quick chat!

The march-in..

The bride! I think she must have been extremely nervous.. I wanted to tell her she was like ‘slow-marching’ in her gown! Her arms were really tight by her sides and I could see her feet kicking the ball gown with every step.

Well, coming from someone who leads the GB contingent every national day and a ex-st John (uniform groups are all about marching), I think it’s her natural reflexes
at work and I am not surprised! I don’t think anyone noticed a thing actually, cos she was glowing the whole night, and looked really pretty and happy.

I love the tiny little touches of the wedding though I was quite late and didn’t get to fully enjoy/soak in everything.

They had customized food menu on the table and I loved their pictures! The groom knowing that the bride loves 蜡笔小新 (crayon-shin), he actually ordered a mascot head mask and wore that to surprise her and proposed!

The couple on stage. I was seated quite far away!

Pictures with the bride and my uni-mate, Qunyu. There were also other guys around but I didn’t manage a picture with them.

Gerine and I go back a long long way. She was one year my junior in st john (another surprise cos I don’t look like I would be in st John right? It wasn’t my choice, but I’ll leave that in another post some day) and we were really close in sec sch days, hanging out together every Saturday after our ecas. We also happened to be both in the training dept in st John so we interacted even more closely (there were many depts within the uniformed group and everyone had a role to play – quartermaster, training, and I can’t remember what, training department is supposedly the ‘elite’ cos we train people and we had to be tough) so Gerine and me went through a lot together. When I graduated, I volunteered my time through my poly days and we remained close until something happened and i stopped helping out altogether.. But surprise surprise, Gerine landed up being my classmate for 3 years in uni because I enrolled in uni a year late (I headed to work instead of studies after poly days).

The whole bunch of my st John juniors! There were guys but somehow, they were all not taking pictures with us.

More of us, with the bride. It was lovely seeing almost everyone again after a long while. Everyone has grown so different and it feels surreal to be talking to all of them again, some of whom I haven’t met for 15 years?! I feel OLD.

Camwhore shot in the toilet, just before I left. I love my hair and make up for the day and I themed my dress and accessories black and gold.

Somehow, the angle of the dress don’t look flattering.

One last shot when I got home before I washed up. Errrrmm.. I am turning quite narcissist lately. Heh.

And ya, I am on a blogging roll.

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