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By |July 6th, 2008|

Made an interesting observation today. Realised that the people in taiwan are mostly dressed in sneakers or flat mary janes. A train full of passengers and yet, only 1 pairs of heels is spotted.

Most of the passengers also prefer to stand. I wonder if there is any relation to the shoes that they wear. Back in sing, most people have the tendency to snatch the seats and most of the time, they are clad in heels. The elderly designated seats are always empty. Very considerate people they are, they queue orderly to board the train, give way on escalators and are very friendly! If only our singaporeans are like them!

[mobile post on mtr @ huoshanpi, taiwan]

In taiwan!!

By |July 5th, 2008|

Landed in taiwan about 30 mins ago. Am now on the cab to the hotel located near ximending. Wow.. I see nothing but mountains and mountains of trees by the side of the roads!!

[mobile post on cab @ taiwan]

tired and jetting off

By |July 5th, 2008|

the week had been exhausting with me working late night the entire week. i cannot believe i was madly typing till 4+am in the morning at home and struggling to keep myself awake. didn’t managed to update as much as i would love to..

i seriously just feel like staying home today and rest.. but you know what? i’m jetting off in a few hours. i should really pop into the bathroom now and get ready before i keep der’s family waiting to send me to the airport.

whee!! taiwan, here i come!

in the meanwhile, please don’t miss me ya? i’ll be updating whenever i can! rebbylicious just reminded me that i am totally clueless about what i’m doing in taiwan. had been so dead tired this week that i have tasked der to do the planning… but he’s keeping his lips sealed on what/where we will be […]