this post is 3 days late! my chubby baby turned 5 months old last Sunday.


honestly, I haven’t been exactly tracking his progress much ever since I have gotten back to work but he has grown much chubbier and is now weighing 7.6kg at the last PD visit which I didn’t even manage to go (the husband totally cannot remember his height/head circumstance even it was measured. guys!!). the husband also didn’t take any picture so no pictorial evidence as well. though yes, I am missing out much on his little life but I guess that’s reality and I definitely won’t be able to be there at every single moment to observe all his milestones when they happen. but I’m happy that he is growing well and is a ridiculously happy baby that chortles with laughter when you interact with him.


he has learned to flip earlier this month and has been at it since. so far, he has mastered the back to front in both directions but not the other way round yet. he’s also pretty good at wriggling and can get from pt a to pt b so my mum is freaking out at his mobility. he often props himself up on his arms and observe the world around him. I really love watching him as he observes his surroundings in quiet wonder.

and ermm.. I realised he likes to watch TV! guess its inevitable when my mum is such a TV addict and has her TV on at every single waking moment of hers. here, he is trying to get a glimpse of the cartoon that jerry is watching.

he has also learned to grab things and hold his bottles. I have bought the avent handle to aid him but on most days, we are more concerned in getting the milk to the hungry baby that we often forget the handles.

I love cosying up to this face. he always break into a smile to greet you!


sleep wise, some day he bags in 6-8hrs stretches at night, other days he’s on 3-4hrly schedules. I give thanks to those good days where I can sleep more and hopefully, he will start sleeping through the night soon!


feeding wise, no updates. I am supposed to start him on purees and cereals but I just hadn’t had the time to plan out anything and selfishly, I want to prepare his first meal and have the joy of watching him eat his first puree than delegate the job to my mum who cares for him while I’m at work (I know right. I’m really selfish). but!! sigh.

my rosy little red apple.

he has started teething! his 2 little white pearlies saw through the gums in the last week and are growing steadily by the day. I can’t wait to see his toothy grin. I find babies with 2 little front teeth cute like mad.

he’s growing real well except for a couple of issues like really bad eczema over his body, and the fact that he refuses to drink the formula milk (hypoallergenic version). as such, I had to stop eating seafood and prawns because every time I do, his conditions worsens.


he also adores his brother, always trying to inch closer to him. the latter, however isn’t too pleased with his presence. he always think Jerome is gonna snatch away his toys and shuns him if he gets too close. I think there is some form of jealousy at work. or a reluctance in sharing his toys.

and well, he thrives on attention and touch. he loves having someone around him. he screams and cries if he realises he is being left alone but stops immediately once someone is near and touches him. its mad cute but drives my mum nuts cos she can’t get her housework done! that’s my brother being held ‘hostage’ on the sofa while he is lounging, by the way.


he has got pretty mad hair and I think I gotta bring him to the hairstylist soon.


and I think that’s all I have! my baby is growing up way to fast!!