Things Jerry says: The negotiator

I can’t emphasise how much this kid amaze me all the time. I know that I said it many many times, but I guess I still need to say it mainly because I am so proud of him (or annoyed!) and it is a moment worth recording down. And mummies are always proud of their little one, however small an achievement because to us, they mean the world.

A couple of days ago, this kid isn’t on the best of behaviour. He refused to comply to any instruction and we were rushing out of the house for a party.  I needed him to sit in his car seat but all he did was scream, grab at me, kick and struggle.


In situations like this.. I had to dangle a carrot to get compliance…

(After struggling for what seems like ages)

Me: jerry! Sit in your car seat!! Do you want a heart shape (jelly bean)?!

J: *quietens down with wide eyes* I want!!

Me: you sit in the car seat now and I’ll give you a heart shape tonight when we get home.

J: no mummy! I want TWO! (Shows 2 fingers at me with extended hands)

Me: no. One.

J: no.  No. No. No. No. TWO!

Me: sigh. OK.  OK.  Two. Now, sit.

J: *sits still and let me buckle him in*
(I get into the car and buckled myself up and seconds later…)

J: mummy, can I have THREE? Please?!

Me: Grrrrrrrr. .. *curse silently under my breath but secretly proud that he definitely can negotiate*

//edit: 24 Feb 14. This was written about a month back but I never got round to posting it.

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