Noise is virtually non-existence on this blog front since last week. I spent the week solo parenting the kids (both sick!!) and moving into a different role at work. Turns out, I ended up being severely sleep deprived, caught the flu bug myself from the kids and had to prep for a house warming party last weekend. As if life isn’t exciting enough with all the changes, I had to plan the house warming party on the same weekend. And even attempted to “bake” some jelly hearts to serve the guests. I know right, what was I thinking?

but I survived the week and in the midst of it, learnt a couple of things from the 2 kids.

1. Slow down the pace and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.
I was on course for a couple of days last week, it’s part of the training for the new role which requires me to travel into town in the early mornings and beat the rush hour traffic. so in order for me to get there on time before the course starts at 9am, I had to wake at 6am to get a whole bunch of tasks done – express milk, wash milk bottles & sterilize, bathe, get ready to head out, make milk for jerry and have him drink it, brush his teeth and change him into his school uniform and bring him to school, before I can make my way for the course. it’s a mad, mad rush. and while bring jerry to school, he was slowly strolling and enjoying his surroundings and randomly pointing to insects and went excitedly, “mama! look! ants!”. I was really rushing and was tempted to shout at him for moving so slowly and taking his own sweet time before I caught myself and realize.. sometimes, we just need to chill and slow down a bit. there are more things in life than just rushing. and we ended up pointing at all the ants around us on the 5 min stroll to his childcare and I got to spend a wee bit of quality time with the kid before dumping him off and running my way to the train station. im quite sure that 5 mins would have meant the world to the kid.

2. When everything else is gloomy, there is always something to smile about.
i had a rough week and wished the husband wasn’t away on this particular week when the 2 kids were sick. I was stoning through my days on most days but at the end of the day when i get home.. the kids greet me with such enthusiasm and excitement that i couldn’t help but smile. Jerry was really sweet cos every day when i get home, he gives me a BIGGGGGGGG HUG and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Despite them being quite sick with dripping noses and all, they laugh so much that i can’t help but feel infected by their simple joys and happiness.

3. When you have a goal to look forward to, things don’t seemed that bad.
every day, jerry lies in bed before his bedtime and asks, “where’s papa?”. I had to keep repeating to him that “Papa is in china. he is coming home in 4/3/2/1 day(s) time”. he seems to understand and repeats what i say and goes to bed with a nod each day. and while telling him every night before bed, some how.. it became a reminder for myself and i look forward to the husband’s return as each day ends and his return date draws nearer. and because there was so much to do and accomplish, the thought of having the husband back with me kept me sane and kept me going – “yay! done with the bottles, now to put them to bed” etc and before i know it, the chores are done, the days are over and the husband is back.

amazing the lessons you can learn from kids.

honestly, i’m sure at the back of our minds, we all know it, but the kids help remind me of the things that i don’t seemed to remember anymore. don’t we sometimes get so warped around our busy lives that we sometimes, lose all pleasure or joy in just breathing in air and be happy and thankful that we all alive and have so much to look forward to? funny how we learn so much from babies and kids because they are all so innocent and worry-free, and view life so simply.

i’m totally guilty of that. i need to keep reminding myself this – my goal in life is to live happy. nothing else matters.

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