This is an outdated post about my Melbourne vacation. a group chat with some of the yummy mummy bloggers triggered this entry about melbourne. i am soooo bad with my travelogues because i never get round to finishing them!

in a flash, its been 4.5 years since i last went australia, and it sure didnt seem that long ago. it was a last minute trip that i pulled off in less than a week and it was before i started on my current job. I cannot remember the vivid details to continue documenting my melbourne travelogue but i am just gonna show some nice pictures about the places i visited, and whatever else details that i can recall.

horse carriages on the roads. they somehow give off a medieval feel, which is what i really liked about the whole place!
and what’s a visit to melbourne without checking out queen victoria market over the weekend?

the first thing i did? check out the prices of the fresh oysters! I eventually bought a dozen back to the service apartment to savour them. fresh, juicy, fat and succulent. i wished i bought more…

seafood galore.

some young dude at the meat seller stall was pretty happy to pose for the picture in the meat section.

fruits section. we bought loads of fruits as well!

Spanish donuts/churros truck store by the road where a lot of people are queuing up for.

some ducklings on sale in the market. I was wishing i could cart one of these darlings back. sooooo cute.

some artist painting in the market. and gorgeous paintings lying around all over the place. wish i could cart one of these home!

my pretty face! Think this was a random shot taken by my uncle on the bus (or was it tram?) around town.

another shot of my aunt & me.

random shots around town.

flinders street railway station.

the station building is sooooooo pretty!

hopping into a tram happily!

and that’s all for now. ending this entry abruptly with a happy picture of me!

You can also read my earlier entries on melbourne. Up next, i’ll blog about the trip to the melbourne aquarium