we had new hired help in the household

ok. so what do i do?

feed him? ok!

im trying to aim! didi, dont move!

ok. this is easy..

did you say burp him?! ok. here goes..

i think he’s bored. i’ll entertain him with my monkey face!

maybe i’ll dig some of my blooper for him to taste.. heh heh.

ok. didi, dont be scared ok? gorgor is joking.


after this, i put down my phone and when i had my back turned, he stood up and attempted to carry baby up too! yikes!


he’s really quite cute lately and helps bring diapers for jerome when we need and we have been trying to teach him which packet of diapers are for him and which is for jerome. he helps fetch the milk from the dinner table to the sofa as well and tissue paper and what nots for a while now.. and earned a lot of praises from us on a daily basis. i hope this help cultivate the big bro role in him to care for the little one!


p.s. this isnt child abuse nor child labour. its called teaching and inculcating responsibility in a child.


disclaimer: no child or baby was harmed in the process.