met up with jen during the week for dinner. a belated birthday treat for me.. because we haven’t found the time to have dinner proper. we met up quite late because I was stuck in a meeting past hours and even though I still had loads to clear, I dropped everything and left cos I was more than an hr late..


dinner was at pietro ristorante italiano (12 jalan kelulut, tel: 6484 5528), a French semi-fine dining in the heartlands. I chose the place for its proximity and because I have read about it and been wanting to try it for ages.

a single serving of foie gras as starter. they don’t serve this on the menu as a starter, only as part of a main course, but i was craving for some (though I think I’m not allowed to do liver products) and they were flexible enough to grant me my craving.


the place wasn’t packed at all and service was prompt and I love the quiet atmosphere that allowed a lot of privacy. there were indoors and outdoors settings and we sat outdoors because it was quite cold indoors. I didn’t take a picture of the restaurant tho.. totally forgot about it and was busy chatting.

our soup. I think it was pumpkin and leek if my memory didn’t fail me. thick and smooth. I finish almost the entire soup myself. oops. 

crispy pork belly with apple sauce. I couldnt quite swallow this for a couple of reasons. It was porky, a tad dry and mostly lean meat. I was expecting thick slabs of fats because pork belly are fatty, no? the porky smell was getting to me with my pregnancy hormones at work and it was the main reason why I couldnt quite eat any. it tasted perfectly fine to Jen and she finds it quite yummy so I guess my account cannot be trusted since tastes buds are always weird when one is preggers.

funghi pizza. it was a 12″ pizza and we polished off everything. I guess that says much right?

we decided it wasn’t quite enough and ordered another lasagne to share. this was also quite tasty but nothing special to shout about..

I snapped an unsuspecting shot of Jen with the cafe backdrop. do we look like we are in Venice? she totally had no clue that she was against a pretty backdrop. 

can you spot us? we look like part of a painting on the wall..

I couldn’t help it but camwhore a little with the huge mirrors around. pardon my unflattering photo though. we ended the night since I had baby duties to attend to, but seriously, the night was way too short and I still have so much to say!


I guess that’s a perfect excuse to meet again soon.