I didn’t plan anything special. at all. I didnt even buy a present. ha! I am such a terrible wife right?


the husb warned me beforehand that he doesn’t want any surprises that requires me to splurge. no fancy cake, no meals that would cost hundreds and all. so I guess not that bad afterall by his expectations.


he also decided to work on his birthday (Mon) so there was really not much time for me to plan  anything.


the weekend before, we popped over to expo furniture sale to check out the furnitures for fun, since we’ll be getting our home soon and had lunch at table manners at changi city point.

my son Jerry sure has some fantastic table manners here.

mushroom soup. it was a tad oily. it was definitely better when I tried it the first time I was there.

I love the concept at table manners. you get to choose every single item on your plate and can  customise the food to your preference. I had butter mash, asparagus with bacon and aglio olio spaghetti. mostly to share with Jerry.

the husb’s choice. wedges, aglio olio spaghetti with mussels and a glass of iced cold Stella beer.


we hung around the mall for a short while, popped over to changi airport for the bub to expense some energy (he’s just too hyper) before we headed for dinner.

driving towards the sunset.

dinner is at fat cat bistro! this place serves a variety of cuisines – western/European, Thai and Indian so there were quite a huge selection to choose from. I like it cos I don’t need to ask the husb what he wants to eat.

simple decor but packed with people. thankfully I heeded wenmei’s advice and made a reservation prior. the tired bub konked out in the car and didn’t want to wake so the husb ended up carrying him for a while.

still refuses to wake. I thought it was quite funny because he’s usually a light sleeper.

the bar counter, still decked with Christmas ornaments though.

the “stalls” within the restaurants. Thai, Indian and French.

onto the food! this horfun. this is good, albeit a little oily.

I was craving for some soupy stuff so we ordered the tom yum seafood soup. Hmm. definitely can give this a miss. I find the taste a tad weird, and the soup a little too grainy to my liking. we barely touched this in the end.

foie gras. Yums. I find this super value for $ at $18 for 2 big slabs of it. it’s extremely crispy on the outside and tender within. will come back here just for this when I have cravings the next time!

escargots. I prefer the escargots to be served in their shells so was a tad disappointed when this came along. there was nothing wow about this either. it was just… normal.

the husband had vongole pasta which he finds very bland and tasteless so he kept picking on my horfun.

Jerry had his own kid-sized fried rice, which he wasn’t interested at all. he was eyeing the cold drinks on the table! we both find our kid funny. this little guy doesn’t need any warm-up or anything the moment he rouse. when he opened his sleepy eyes and realised where he is, the first reaction was to shout “mum-mum” and proceed to grab the stuff on the table.


and that was it. we ended the weekend as is and headed home.


at the stroke of midnight, I brought out the cupcakes I bought earlier in the day and wished the husband happy birthday.

we were already in bed, getting ready for bedtime. 

and that was it. the husb took a long time to make his wish though.. and I wonder what it is. heh.