Jerry super happy with his 3M Polarizing Light!

i’m talking about not missing the chance to start protecting your precious eyes, or if you are a parent.. the lovely eyes of your kids,  spouse and family members from glare with the 3M Polarizing Light.


eyes protection should start as early as possible because they are the windows to the world we see!


if you haven’t already know, i previously blogged about the 3M Polarizing Light (BL5100) and the chance to walk away with one.


there is still a chance to win it!


here’s how…


Simply tell us in a 100 words or less, why you need a 3M Polarizing Light (BL 5100 Lamp)?


Simply send your answer, name, I/C number, mobile and email address to and indicate which blog you have seen this contest!


I want the 3M Polarizing Light to help protect my baby jerry’s eyes!


Cherie lim, s1234567A, 98765432,, cherieladie


that’s all! easy peasy right? hurry! contest ends 17 June!


terms and conditions apply.