is spent scrambling out in bed at 7am and off we went to the paedratician. jerry has been battling with the flu virus since mid week and it developed into a full blown cough and now, fever.


its been a morning it has been.


we have just been told that jerry is suffering from an asthma attack and has to be admitted for observation and be constantly nebulized every 2hrs. I think its every parent’s fear of hearing that statement from the doctor. the hospitalization part that is.


doc says he needs to be warded for 3 days. the timing can’t be worse. Der is scheduled for a business trip on Monday.


I hope he gets well soon.


Whatever frustration I had the night before from not being able to sleep due to his constant crying has all melted away. now, I even feel guilty for feeling frustrated at the poor baby.


despite the meltdown when he was being checked by the doctor and while he was being nebulised earlier, he’s is now admitted, got tagged and checking out his room.

a blood test and x-ray later, we are now chilling out at the hospital ward. I am mega tired and sleep deprived.


and I’m also a little disappointed cos I organized a BBQ today but there is no way we’ll be going. we are going to have a weekend vacation at Thomson for now.