Raphael called me on thursday afternoon and asked if i was keen to watch the Singapore Youth Olympics Games (YOG) closing ceremony. On first thought, i didnt want to be associated to it because it has given me much grief during the last 12 days or more. Until he brought out the fact that we wouldnt have a chance to be so close to an olympic event for the rest of our lives and that the ticket was free, so why not? That kinda made me reconsider.

Actually i was more keen on a dinner with raf instead because its been more than a year since we last met… Or was it 2 years ago? I seriously cant remember so i guess it really has been a while.

And so, i witnessed one bit of the inaugural summer youth olympic games. It’s like a little life milestone – been there, done that!

I cant i say i enjoyed it because the moment i cleared the security, i was perspiring like crazy and feel all grumpy and full of regret of my decision. The crowd was terrible, the night was really warm and humid, and it sure didnt help a single bit that the air was still and not a single breeze caught my hair. It sounds real gross but my curls were drenched in my sweat and they were all sticking to my neck. The only thankful bit was my outfit. I was deck in casuals (tee top and short skirt) and in flats. I would be screaming my head off if i was in proper office wear. And the worse bit was the seating. We had tickets but couldnt find a seat after passing through rows and rows of them, my clothes were drenched, irritated and all ready to storm out when a kind uncle saw my frustration and pointed out seats to me at the very last row. Thank god for that angel.

The show already started when i finally sat down, madly fanning myself with a set of work docs i had in my bag!


The stage from where i was. It was when the athletes are entering the stage are from the both sides.


When the national athem is being played.

The fireworks, am not a big fan of it but i dare say a lot of the tax payers’ money are going up in flames. This is just the start.

More bursting.

Lighting up the dark sky.

Colorful ones popping.

Showcase of the athletes in action over the past 12 days. This did evoke some emotions from me, feeling the joy, the disappointment, the effort and hardwork, the teamwork, the friendship and the struggles of the athletes and of cos, not forgetting pride, when abdul dayyan and isabelle li were featured. I could feel the enormity of the occasion in that instance and how everyone of us made it possible in one way or another (yes, that includes paying your taxes), especially those who have sacrificed sleep (me included), put in sweat and working hand in hand with everyone else to make it a successful event.

And the olympic torch is extinguished after all the thank you speeches, the handover to nanjing (China), the nexy city to host the next summer youth olympics. I cannot remember the exact sequence of the night because i was so busy fanning myself the whole time, so much so that my wrist hurts!

We left when the party started and i thought the stand area is a fire hazard because it took us way too long to get out of the place. The stairways were too small and it was when there are still tonnes of people glued to their seatas enjoying the show The congestion was that bad, i think we would all die should a fire breaks out. I cannot imagine if everyone would to leave at the same time, i would really freaked out with the crowd and the lack of ventilation (sweaty bodies packed like sardines). But then again, with water so close at the bay, maybe its not as bad.

The closing ceremony was disappointing in my opinion. FLAT. With all the talk and good reviews about the opening ceremony, i thought the closing was quite bad. There were long periods of time where the athletes were moving in and ouy and that kinda killed the momentum of things. there weren’t full commentaries and half the time, i didn’t know what was going on and what the performance is all about. at some point in time, the dancers formed a word on the platform but i couldn’t tell what it was from where i was seated, and i am seated at the last row of the stands where view is supposedly, bird’s eye. I cannot imagine how bad it was for the rest where the angles are not in their favors.

raf & me spent half the time asking each other what is going on and who is performing, what are they singing. we were a clueless duo.

we eventually had dinner at prego’s, with us ordering pastas to share. i didn’t quite enjoy the food as much as i would cos we spent much of the time catching up and the food turn quite cold when i was ready to eat. i could do more of such dinners with friends.

am realising that i have been missing out on the things that i enjoy doing in life these days, and i wonder… where did all the joy go? it’s about changing the priorities in life, and takig charge of my life than rather to have my work rule me.

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