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Happy Good Friday! I’m sure everyone is off somewhere enjoying the long weekend. The Choo family is staying right at home today, just chilling and catching up on precious sleep. Everyone is in snoozeland and here i am, checking out the photographs from the family photo shoot themed around Easter that we took recently.


The Choo Family

and can i say? i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the photos we had as a family! (yes, even though i realized that my hair is quite messy and needs some work done.)

Well, i don’t know about you, but photographs to me are not meant to make me or anyone else pretty. Sure, i would love to look pretty in pictures but I usually love my pictures UNEDITED – no major DI, no slimming effects, no bigger eyes etc. If any, the only edits that i allow on most of my pictures are lighting related and that’s it. For me, i believe that photographs are meant to capture the moment, the memories as is – the real me. But that’s just me, so all the photos here are not touched up. Studio Memories did ask me if there is any images that i want to touch up, but i didn’t require any.

I love how these photographs captured the essence of our family, one that is fun (or love having fun), and the cheekiness of our boys.. and their love for cars, planes, bikes and eggs (i know right?! Easter shoot is so apt for Jerry!). I am just gonna flash all the photos here so bear with me. Then again, i think the pictures are quite nice so nothing that you really need to bear with… right? Right?!

I do know a lot of my readers love looking at the pictures of the boys on the blog, so here’s a photo spam of them.. (and me!)

Jerome choo and jerry choo playing stacking up toys.

The boys stacking up the birthday cake! The duck was placed by Jerome!

jerome choo looking wistful

Wistful Jerome.. I love his chubby cheeks here!

Another Choo Family photo with the easter eggs.

Don’t tell my husband, but i think he does look a little like hedgehog with the hair. Shhh!

The choo J brothers

The J brothers, Jerry & Jerome. Do they look alike?

We had a change of clothes and changed into something brighter! It was the only set that Daddy had something to match with and i had to go buy a new dress for the shoot, but i guess… any excuse to shop/buy something is a good excuse! Actually, i didn’t manage to find something entirely matching, but i guess i tried!

jerry choo the pianist

Jerry the pianist! I like how Jerome is part of the picture too!

Jerome choo playing with plane and car

Of planes and cars. Boys would be boys.

The Choo family in pink

The Choo family in pink. I’m the odd one out, i know!

Derrie in a photo shoot

Der & me. I super love this “couple” shot!

This is one of my favourite shot of Der & me. I like how it is a couple shot, as well as a family shot. Apparently, the boys were  fighting at the back, over the piano and well, its really a showcase of how our typical day is (except that we wouldn’t be smiling as much!).

The choo family getting tangled up

The Choo Family all tangled up!

The Choo Family having fun

Another of us having fun!

I dress my boys in identical clothes and i get the “Are they twins?” question a lot from strangers, but i have to say.. in this picture, they do look like they are twins cos they are so similar in size!

Jerry & Jerome on the tricycle.

The boys on the tricycle. My favourite picture of the boys!

Choo Family Shot

Another family shot of the Choo Family

In this last photo, i was sitting on the tricycle and was really surprised that Jerry managed to move the tricycle with me on it! This kid is so in love with the tricycle thereafter, he totally refused to let go and refused to go home! Secretly, the husband and me love it as well, but our house is really too tiny for us to own the tricycle.

It does look that it was a long shoot with that many scenes and wardrobe change, but we were done in a hour and we were out! I was actually rushing off to another event on the same day, so was really glad that the photographer was very quick and managed to capture all these beautiful, natural looking shots within such a short time. There were a lot more pictures, but i guess you probably had enough of the photo spam. The boys are totally NOT easy to shoot – not paying attention, doesn’t take instructions at all and pretty much all over the place. I was getting all stressed up that the boys weren’t cooperating but the final pictures look really good! I’m impressed! What do you think?

I did a short tour around the studio and found many interesting corners and backdrops that they have around the place. Settings suitable for newborn shoot, wedding shoot and a whole lot more but i was particularly interested in those catered for the kids. Of which.. my boys like the following the best. Jerry literally clambered up in split second the moment he saw the car.

J brothers and the car

The boys and their car.

Door in the wall

A door in the wall! Jerry was trying to open for the longest time!

I really really love their princess room! Man, made me wish I had a princess to shoot her in. The entire room was so pretty and girly and so dreamy.. but i know my picture totally don’t do the place any justice. :S

Studio Memories Princess Room

Studio Memories Princess Room

I think Studio Memories do a much better job selling themselves than i do, so here’s an introductory video of them where you can see the studio and some of the backdrops that they have. They are a group of professional, accomplished and well-equipped photographers with experience in a variety of shoots ranging from newborn, maternity, family, portraits, and weddings.

Other than photography, they are also big on prints and canvas prints. Do follow them on their facebook page for their latest promotions and offers!

And, I would love to hear your comments on these photos! Oh, oh.. am thinking of using one of these family picture for a new blog banner. Tell me which one you love to see! 

P.s. I started the post in the afternoon with the intention of finishing it up but got interrupted when one of the kids woke up. By the time i got round to finishing the post, Good Friday is over  in SG (technically still on in the US). Uh wells. Life goes on. You all can understand the life of a mum with 2 kids right?

Disclaimer: The Choo family was invited for an indoor family photo shoot with Studio Memories and no other form of compensation was received. We did, however, received a parking fine because the husband left the car and came back to help me with some stuff that i was carrying and in that 1 minute he was away from the car, the parking attendant pinned the offense on his windscreen. Uh wells. Nonetheless, all thoughts and opinions in this post are of my own.