Menchie’s Frozen Yoghurt Store @ Vivocity, Singapore

Have you heard? There is a new frozen yoghurt franchise in town! Menchie’s Frozen Yoghurt has hit our sunny shores in recent months and i honestly am really excited because me love yoghurt. From yumi yoghurt to yoguru and now, Menchie’s! Can i just declare that Menchie’s is really my new found LOVE?

Are you wondering WHY? Here’s what Menchie’s Yoghurt claims….

Menchie's Frozen Yoghurt facts

What Menchie’s Frozen Yoghurt claims.

And want my point of view? Here’s what i think!

1. I love the concept of the yoghurt bar! There is a total of 12 flavours and also the options of having a mixed twirl between 2 flavours. It’s a self serve yoghurt bar, meaning… you decide what you like, what you want more of, what mix of yoghurt you want, and you can even choose all 12 flavours in the same cup, and you dispense them by yourself! You can even decide whether you want to swirl it in circles or in figure of 8s.. its all up to you! Brilliant idea right? I love that i get to be creative and clock in some play while getting my yoghurt fix.

Menchie's Yoghurt Bar

Menchie’s Yoghurt Bar

2. They have TWELVE freaking flavours. Twelve!! This is totally unheard of in the history of yohgurt in Singapore. Usually they serve like 3-4 flavours and you choose from what they have? Or maybe they have more flavours, but they rotate and you can’t necessary have what you love since they might not serve it on the day you decide to have yoghurt. Menchie’s serve all 12 flavours at any one time, all the time. Love. And i haven’t even mentioned that the flavors are exotic and yummy. Curious on what flavours there are? Here’s the list!

  • Tart (Or otherwise what we know as original flavour)
  • Strawberry Tart
  • Peanut Butter (!!!!)
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Mocha
  • Caramel (!!)
  • Grasshopper (mint)
  • Red velvet cake (!!!!)
  • Tutti Fruitti Sorbet
  • Peach Sorbet
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate

I don’t have to tell you what are my favourite flavors do it? Other than peanut butter, red velvet cake and caramel, i think the grasshopper mint is quite refreshing! The tutti fruitti is also something different and there is also mocha for the coffee lovers. I’m dreaming of some peanut butter right now because its my all-time favourite now.

Mini cups for you to try the yoghurt flavours

Mini cups for you to try the yoghurt flavours

3. Not sure which flavor to choose? Menchie’s offers mini cups to let you try the flavours. I was joking with Estella who was with me that day, that after trying 12 flavours, no need to buy anymore because you already ate so much yoghurt by then… But please, don’t abuse the system. It meant for people to try the favours. You know, sometimes, you think you want to try a flavour but not sure how it would taste like and whether you can potentially eat a whole cup of it, so they give the option of trial before you actually commit the purchase!

Tasting the different Menchie's flavours!

Tasting the different Menchie’s flavours!

Between Estella and me, we shared 6 mini cups of mixed flavors just to try out the taste. We were, after all, there for the reason of reviewing the yoghurt. By the way, do you know they actually have many many flavours available? I wonder when we’ll have all that in SG!

Mini cups of Menchie's yoghurt for tasting

Yoghurt in mini cups for tasting

The staff were all very friendly and helpful and helped me in dispensing the yoghurt. I find the mini cups super cute! I also gave a small cup to Jerry to eat and he loves it so much he asked for more. Even Jerome gets a taste of the yoghurt!

Jerome gets his first taste of yoghurt!

Jerome gets his first taste of yoghurt!

Jerome looks gloomy in this picture because just moments before i shot this picture, he was crying quite badly. His fingers got caught in the glass door was badly bruised and he wouldn’t stop wailing. I was looking for something cold to cold compress the finger so i dipped his entire finger in the mini cup of yoghurt to ease his pain. Whatever works right? Then der decided to let him try some of the yoghurt and he stopped crying immediately. #powerofmenchies #truestory

4. There is 44 Types of toppings for you to choose from! I almost died and went to heaven when i see the selection of the toppings available, except that i said no to the angels cos i wanted to stay on earth and eat those toppings. Haha. Trying hard to be funny so can entertain me a bit and laugh? Tyvm! (and no, that’s not typo. It’s ‘thank you very much’ in internet slang). And you can have a bit of the 44 toppings all in your cup. I am not kidding!

Menchie's Toppings station - 44 flavours all together!

Menchie’s Toppings station – 44 flavours all together. Look at all that!

There are the dry toppings, the wet toppings as well as the various type of sauces! Here’s a close-up of the dry toppings.

Dry toppings for your Menchie's Yoghurt

Dry toppings for your Menchie’s Yoghurt!

I usually go the healthier stuff – granola, sunflower seeds etc. The husband went for all the sweet, sugar-laden stuff – gummy bears, sour apple tape, cola bottles but he can totally afford it.

wet toppings at Menchie's

Selection of wet toppings available at Menchie’s.

Errrmm.. my favourite toppings are the longans, lychees, the chocolate dipped strawberries and nata de coco! I can load as much of what i like into my cup, as long as my cup can hold it. And then.. there are the sauces, which i didn’t add any into my cup. I normally don’t like yoghurt with sauces even though i was tempted to try the caramel and butterscotch.

Sauces available for your Menchie's yoghurt

Sauces to drench your yoghurt in.

Are you wondering why everything seemed so flexible? You can choose and customize and add whatever portions of whatever into your cup? Are you wondering how much is the yoghurt? That’s what i am going to talk about next.

How Menchie's charge their yoghurt.

How Menchie’s charge their yoghurt.

5. You pay by the weight, only $3.40/100g (excluding GST). There is absolutely no sizes to choose from and no limit to the amount of yoghurt you can eat or no minimum at all. You take what you like, the amount you want, the flavours that you love, load on a lot of your favourite toppings or just pop 1-2 pieces of those that you might want to try out. Everything is ever so flexible cos everything goes by weight and it is a flat rate.

Yoghurt by weight!

Yoghurt by weight!

Here’s my HUGE tub of yoghurt, with strawberries, longans, lychees, nata de coco, m&ms, granola and sunflower seeds. Everything that i love. It does look like i had more toppings than yoghurt, but the cup is actually quite huge. Put it on the weighing machine to weigh in order to know what’s the price you pay.

Yoghurt priced by weight

The price of my huge tub of yoghurt

My yoghurt cost $13.06! You might think its expensive, but its actually not. Because i really took a really huge cup that is good enough for 3-5 person to share and in comparison to the rest of the yoghurt places i have been to, a small cup would cost me about $7 or more with minimal toppings so i do find this a good deal. Especially so when i can control the amount of what i want and the flexibility to load on as much of the toppings i love.

Oh, i forgot to mention it earlier, but they have waffle cups to go with your yoghurt too!

Menchie's different waffle cups

Different waffle cups to choose from

6. There is a party room for celebrations! Ok. This point might be irrelevant to those without kids, but as a mum.. i am constantly on the look-out for party venues to hold kids’ parties or celebrations and am glad to know Menchie’s does have a small party room available for such occasions. Then again, i think its a good place for adults to gather as well.. and maybe, a fun bachelorette party? The party packages includes FREE-FLOW yoghurt, options of a party host and all. You can call and enquire the details if you are keen but the room takes about 12 adult seats? I also noted that there aren’t any baby chairs available for the toddlers as well..

Menchie's Party Room for functions

Menchie’s Party Room for functions

The crew very nicely set up the party room for our use and i love that they have activities – coloring sheets to keep our kids occupied. The coloring sheets are so cute can? All of the menchie’s mascots in each of the different coloring sheets.

Menchie's party room

Estella, me and our kids in the Menchie’s party room

Jerry was so happy and quickly sat down and started coloring! He got super engrossed in it, which is good cos it gave me a bit of time to zone out from him. And so i thought i could… but i didn’t realise that Jerome was happily chomping on those crayons! OMG. I almost fainted, thankfully they were non toxic ones.

Jerry working on those Menchie's colouring sheets.

Jerry working on those colouring sheets.

Joy gets down to coloring too.

Joy gets down to coloring too.

Menchie's mascot pays us a visit!

Menchie’s mascot pays us a visit!

And surprise! Menchie’s mascot popped out to say HI! The kids don’t look excited here but they were. I think they were still reeling in the shock phase here.

Shaking hands with Menchie's mascot

Jerry shaking hands with Menchie’s mascot

Mechie's mascot welcoming people into the store

Mechie’s mascot welcoming people into the store

Happy Jerry after an evening at Menchie's.

Happy Jerry after an evening at Menchie’s.

We ended the night happy with our stomachs filled with yoghurt. The kids had way too much yoghurt than i typically would allow, but I really love the yoghurt myself, so i closed my eyes on their intake for the day. We also went home with a bunch of menchie’s stickers and temporary tattoos that are oh-so-cute and Jerry insisted on my putting on the tattoo for him the next day. They also have a loyalty card for you to clock in some rewards if you visit them often enough!

Menchie's mascots in stickers and temporary tattoos!

All the different Menchie’s mascots in stickers and temporary tattoos!

Menchie's loyalty card to clock rewards!

Loyalty card to clock rewards!

Menchie’s Frozen Yoghurt is located at Vivo City (1 Harbourfront Walk, Vivo City, S098585).
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 10am – 10pm
Phone: +65 6376 9323

So, are you raring to give it a try? Well.. i’m giving 3 of my readers a chance to pig out on Menchie’s Frozen Yoghurt!


Menchie’s is in the business of making people smile. Tell us what makes you smile! 
Just tell us your answer on your FB page and use the steps on Rafflecopter widget to guide you along in participating. Note: All 4 steps are mandatory to participate in contest! And errrmm, you have to be in Singapore to enjoy the yoghurt!

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Terms and conditions:
1. Contest ends on the 2359 hours of 27 Apr 2014.
2. 3 winners will be randomly picked and announced on the Facebook page by 29 April 2014.
3. Confirmation emails will be sent to the winners.
4. Winners to present confirmation email at Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt to enjoy the giveaway.
5. The giveaway is valid for $30 worth of frozen yogurt. Any additional cost incurred will be borne by the guest.
6. Winners can enjoy the giveaway from 1st May 2014 – 30th June 2014.

GOOD LUCK! and pssstt.. i can’t help but notice how intricate their spoon design is…

Menchie's cute spoon

Menchie’s cute spoon!

I also want to give special thanks to the crew on duty that day. They were super friendly and accommodative towards my kids and when Jerome had his finger caught in the glass door and was crying quite badly, they scrambled to help and even gave me a ice pack for Jerome to hold on to. They also help look after the safety of both my kids while i was getting my yoghurt. I cannot be more grateful for them. Their small acts of kindness made my day a little better and i am sure all parents would love to have a little help here and there while they are busy with stuff. So, thank you, the crew of Menchie’s.

Disclaimer: The Choo family was invited to a tasting session of Menchie’s Frozen Yoghurt and no other form of compensation was received. All thoughts, opinions and images are of my own.