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You see. My kids are big on Transformers. I have no idea how it started. I suspect it was one of those videos that Jerry first chanced upon on youtube… and then one day, I realized that he knows all the characters, the story plot and everything else like who are the good guys and bad guys and it suddenly took over our lives because he would speak about nothing else.

Not that I minded it a bit. I’m a big fan of the Transformers myself and caught every single movie of them. Here’s a comparison of what der & me saw in Transformers 3. I mean, Transformers has been around ever since I was a kid and the fact that it is still so popular says something about its appeal huh.

Ever since Jerry was gifted a Playskool Optimus Prime by my aunt about a year back (actually, he insisted on buying that when my aunt brought him out shopping), not a day never passed by without the merest mention of Transformers. The kids often have it at the tip of their tongues, and the toys? They are literally littered all over the house. Like this.

Greeted by Transformers one morning when I woke.

Greeted by Transformers one morning when I woke.

and this.

Jerry left the trailer on the sofa when he headed off to bed one day.

Jerry left the trailer on the sofa when he headed off to bed one day.

Or this.

Someone found them a parking lot or a hideout, however you see fit.

Someone kid found them a parking lot or a hideout, however you see fit.

Transformers is the default toy that my kids take/play… Every. Single. Day. It somewhat consumes our life.

Jerry & Jerome both watches the Transformers Rescue Bots cartoon every day. Even daily conversations are about Transformers (Read Things Jerry Says #18). I even attempted to teach the kids moral values using the characters and story lines of Transformers. I figure they could easily relate and understand better and learn to equip themselves with the correct knowledge. Thank god the good guys always prevails.

Jerry even sleep talk transformers in his sleep! #truestory.

Both kids loves to transform. They make all sorts of transforming sounds. I used to think Jerome had a perpetual cough… but it was just the sound he was trying to imitate when the robots transforms. Here’s a funny video of Jerry one day at bed time, pretending he is Optimus and transforming on the bed.


This kid when ballistic when we brought him to Universal Studios and he got to get upclose with Optimus and BumbleBee.

Jerry looks on longingly while waiting for his turn for photo-taking.

Jerry looks on in amazement while waiting for his turn for photo-taking.

This just got to be the highlight of our entire universal studios trip. Even I was pretty excited and jumped into the queue.

Choo family with BumbleBee at Universal Studios Singapore.

Choo family with BumbleBee at Universal Studios Singapore.  Don’t mind their grumpy faces, the weather was too hot that day!

See? Transformers is like a tattoo on my skin. It looks like it is going to stay around forever. Am sure der would feel the same way. Oh, or maybe it is like a storming cloud. Storming transformers on the family every day. And for the record, Jerry has been bugging me to buy him bot-shots every day now and I am testing his patience and determination to see how long he would last. Jerome’s first words are also peppered with Prime, Bee, Boulder etc. It doesn’t look like it is going away so I am embracing it and happy that both the brothers have something in common that they both love (and we love too). It’s like a family trademark that we all share and have in common.

Oh. I forgot to mention that you can click on each of these pictures above, and read about the little stories behind each picture when I captured and posted them on Instagram. It’s like a wealth of precious family memories for me. How would that have been possible without the Transformers?

Do you know that Transformers is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year? How exciting! There are a lot of activities lined up and the Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition at the Science Centre is one of them and we are planning to catch it soon!

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Imagine the mayhem in the household when this whole bunch of stuff got delivered the other day.



The kids AND the husband went berserk. I know, my three boys right? I don’t think there is anything else that can so aptly garner their attention, together.

Maybe the husband would agree to having this on our living room walls.

Maybe the husband would agree to having this on our living room walls…