Some time last week, i was invited to the launch of the all new Capella Cony Stroller (Model: S230T) launch along with some of my mummy blogger friends and all our babies & husbands. The tea party was hosted by TaiMe, who is the sole distributor of Capella strollers in singapore at their showroom located in chai chee. They are also the brand owner of Singapore’s home grown heritage brand – Lucky Baby.

We were treated to some food and drinks, and honestly, i was a lot more interested in shopping.

there were so many different products in the showroom that the shopaholic in me… just. couldn’t. resist. heck, even the husband made his rounds and told me he wanted to buy something. see? i’m totally NOT ALONE.

der & a cheeky jerome sticking out his tongue!

us, as a family!

we were given a detailed introduction of the new stroller by Eileen and Andy from TaiMe. 4 different colors, mid-weight range (for added stability), suitable for newborn to 48 months, boasts a smart travel system with infant car seat adaptor and high strength aluminum frame.

live demonstration of the stroller was done by andy. I must say its pretty cool – single hand handling (open & close – YAY!!), BOTH front facing and back facing, FULL CANOPY, bar handle for smooth handling and adjustable according to the height of user, multi recline, 5 point harness and compatible with a travel system. wow.

we were then given a hands-on session… and here’s irene totally giving the stroller her “high heels test”, which she excited exclaimed seconds later, “it passed the high heels test!!”. well, she has Mabel as witness!

we were then presented with our very own stroller! The husband and me chose wine color. who says boys cant rock in it? we totally love the color! Ok, i also love the red but our car seats are all red so this is a nice change.

all the mummies with our strollers, courtesy of TaiMe.

and another with the husbands, the bosses of TaiMe (Andy & Eileen) & Agnes from AT Marketing Consultancy.

Thank you TaiMe for the generosity! Very honoured to be one of the 10 first families to test ‘push’ this stroller in singapore.

you can find out more about capella on their facebook or website.

The Capella Cony Stroller (S230T) retails at $399 (UP:$539) and available at isetan, metro, john little, robinsons, BHG, OG, Kiddy Palace, Cheri Kids, NTUC Xtra AMK, ToyR’Us, baby specialty stores and selected online baby stores.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

and well, a week has since passed and i have been using the stroller at every single opportunity i can, and here’s what i like about it thus far.

its wider, which means jerome has a bigger area to lie in (despite him bring a rather chubby baby), and is padded. it’s like a soft, crushy sofa bed for him!

bar handle for easy handling. The husband was pushing the stroller and had to attend to a call and i quickly whipped out my camera for this shot! its really isnt staged. i also think the husband will jump when he sees this..

big basket with easy access. I could pop in all the necessities for jerome – muslim cloth, wet wipes, tissues, extra clothing & diapers, bottles of milk, thermos flask, a changing mat and still had room for more. I didnt even have to bring along a diaper bag! I also like that the basket faces up when the stroller is folded up. it means i can leave the things in there and fold up the stroller without the fear of dropping and losing the items!

full canopy. Need i say more? the sun is so hot these days!

the stroller weights 7.3kg. It isnt of the lightest weight but it is also a lot lighter than many strollers i know. The good thing about the weight is that it is also more stable than lighter strollers and i find it pretty manageable for me, and i could hook the stroller when its folded up on my arm like i would a shopping bag.

it’s only been days so i’ll use the stroller more and update with my thoughts on it and share. do drop me any questions should you have any be it about the stroller or what to consider when buying one. i’ll also be participating in the Shape Run, 2.4km Fun run category with the stroller next month. If you have signed up to, do say hi if you happen to bump into me!

ending this post with a cute baby picture.

mama! could you stoppppp taking pictures of me and let me sleep in peace?

disclaimer: we were invited to the media launch and given a capella stroller for review purposes. all opinions are my own.