Cherieladie on national TV!

Me on national TV (OSIM uShape Ad)!

uh.. errm. and so, i have been told (by friends and colleagues) that I am on prime time TV. Honestly, the OSIM uShape commercial has been airing for a couple of days now and I haven’t been able to catch myself on TV at all. Have been coming home late from work late and all, and I’m not really a TV person actually. I knew the commercial will start airing last week but I didn’t expect it to be on prime time tv! #pleasantsurprise

I have been getting whatsapp messages, and facebook messages from the most random of people. Friends who I haven’t contacted in a while saw the commercial and texted me, so I guess its a nice thing to be able to connect with my friends again! At the same time, it is quite an agony at work! A lot of my colleagues have seen the ad, and have been irritating me.. asking if i’m feeling hot, and whether if I am perspiring every time they see me! And sharing screen shots of the video in the group chats. Thanks leh! #irritatingmax #theyarequitefunnylah #funcolleagues #cansomeoneaskformysignatureplease #iamjoking

I have been holding off blogging about the tvc shoot because I had wanted it to go on air first. This honestly isn’t my first tvc experience. I have done many tvcs in my course of work (mostly being the client and supervising the shoot, sometimes being the calefare and background or being a hand talent) but this time round, it’s really quite an experience to be given some proper air time. And being the one directed. #noteasy

But it was fun. I never thought I’ll say this, but I’ll say it again. It was FUN.

I spent about 10 hrs at the shoot, from eating breakfast to getting my make up done, nervously reciting my lines and eventually, on the set. I laughed A LOT mostly because of the people on the set who share a lot of lame jokes (thanks to the funny OSIM’s folks who were with me on the set together with 2 other mummy bloggers!), made friends, witnessed quite a bit of their superb remote control playing skills and their excellent on-the-spot conjured script. It’s really, really hilarious, which means.. it didn’t feel tough and the time quickly passed.

Dennis Chew (Zhou Chong Qing) & me at the OSIM TVC Shoot.

Dennis Chew (Zhou Chong Qing) & me at the OSIM TVC Shoot.

And of cos, I got to work with Aunty Lucy, except that he isn’t Aunty Lucy here. Dennis/Chong Qing is super friendly and helpful can? While filming the interview section of the ad, he helped me calm my nerves and helpfully dished out tips on memorizing my lines, keeping my focus and I was super thankful. I think I also unknowingly did an action of fanning myself that resembles what Aunty Lucy would do. #amiacopycat

We also shared a few laughs over the course of shooting (too embarrassing to share it here) and he was super duper friendly with everyone that waved to him. He waved back whenever he could (when camera is not rolling) and happily took pictures with people when they requested. He barely rested between the scenes because each time he tries to sit, someone would ask him for a photo! #lifeofacelebrity

Here’s some behind the scenes during the tvc shoot!

The last scene of the OSIM TVC.

The last scene of the OSIM TVC featuring Ju Ann, Me, Chong Qing & Maggie Quek.

Doing a mass workout on the OSIM uShape.

Doing a mass workout on the OSIM uShape.

Dennis Chew/Chong Qing interviewing me...

Dennis Chew/Chong Qing interviewing me…

Looking fat and lumpy here. I blame the angle and the tight clothes.

Looking fat and lumpy here. I blame the bad angle and the tight clothes. #motheroftwo

From another angle, with the stylish producer at the left. I love his sense of dressing!

From another angle, with the stylish producer at the left. I love his sense of dressing! #spottheredsoles

In case you are wondering, the TVC was shot in the public at the atrium of Vivocity and there were a lot of eyes peering on. I never felt so much like an animal in a zoo, but I now know how that feels like. It also made me a lot more conscious and more self-aware when I had numerous takes and kept having to N-G. The TVC also made me aware that I do have a bad body posture, I tend to slouch a lot more than I think I used to, I need to correct it out!

And for the entire day, I just shook away on the OSIM uShape. I must have burned a lot of calories that day. At one point, my head was spinning from all the vibration and I had to sit down and rest. The tummy also ached from all that shaking and I was so happy when the producer shouted, “it’s a wrap!”

Everyone on the set, missing Chong Qing.

Everyone on the set, missing Chong Qing, who has since left. The girls are all so skinny right?!

So, if you have seen the commercial and wondering if it is me.. Yes, it is me. If you think that I look fat, yes, I am. The tummy part. So if you are one of those who thinks that I am skinny, this is real evidence that I am not. #keepingitreal

If you are wondering if the uShape really can help burn fats, do read my review here. All I would say is you really will 感觉到肚子,手臂和大腿的赘肉不停的抖。 身体感觉热热的,还会流汗! #scriptisreal

Finally, seeing myself on TV for the OSIM uShape Ad

Finally, seeing myself on TV for the OSIM uShape Ad

Meanwhile, I’ll see you through your TV screen! *waves* Or, you can also watch the commercial in repeat mode on youtube!

I would also love to hear what you have to say so do leave me a comment too! Apologies for blogging so sparsely this entire month. I have been busy catching up with life, the kids and mostly sleep! Trying to take care of myself so that I don’t burn out. Have a great week people.