Some fridays ago, we attempted at some scrapbooking at a Canon family event for the launch of the Canon Selphy Printer at Eat, Love, Play Cafe. I must say, while i was highly stressed up at a non-cooperative and cranky kid that day, i was quite impressed with the photo prints that i got and generally, managed to have quite a bit of fun.

Once everyone settled down with food and drinks, the Canon folks give an introduction of the new product launches and errmm, i’m kinda lemming for one of those cameras she talked about, especially the one where it has front and back camera where i can shoot myself while shooting the kids. It’s like the product of my life – nobody ever helps me take pictures! ikr, #baneofmylife

New product introduction by Canon guys

Introduction of the new product launches by Canon folks.

We got to try out the gadgets and i tested out out the Canon Selphy Printer to print a few pictures for my scrapbook. It’s so easy to use – insert SD card and print!

Simply insert SD card, select pictures and print!

Jerry was messing around with the printer as well and was quite happy to see his own pictures coming out from the printer.

Jerry checking out the Canon Selphy

He even tried to grab at it and to my utmost surprise, the picture is OK and not smudged or anything even though it just came out from the printer. The printer uses film to print and the photo comes out dry. I did one or two pictures with Jerry’s finger prints on it though and i believe that is resulted from sweaty fingers.

Jerry grabbing at the print outs from the Canon Selphy

The printer also supports air print from your mobile devices and is compatible with iOs and android. The latter requires an app download but its really easy since its just a few touches away. I tried my hands at printing from my mobile phone and is equally pleased with the ease of doing it.

Printing pictures on canon Selphy on my android mobile

Printing the pictures from my FB via my android mobile

While i was still busy getting my prints out from the Canon Selphy printer, the boy ran off and went to dabble in scrapbooking supplies. I think he cannot wait to start!

Family scrapbooking activity

And then he started cutting up some washi tapes to occupy himself.  I don’t know if its the same across all kids but Jerry has this obsession with using a pair of scissors to cut things!

Jerry cutting up washi tapes

Cutting up washi tapes on his own.

The 3 of us were happily printing pictures, bombarding the tech guy with 101 questions on the printer and all, and generally testing the printer in all functions possible.  Psst.. Irene is missing cos she was already busy scrapbooking with her kids. She got her pictures printed way earlier!

Getting our prints done on Canon Selphy Camera

Mabel, Estella & myself posing for pictures in the midst of printing.

Finally getting started after i was done with the prints and we started on the project. Decided to scrapbook our recent ‘fishing’ adventure at Mainland Tropical Fish Farm and had Jerry help me with the scrapbooking.The kid is finally happy with some action of his own.

Jerry sticking the alphabets of his name

I try to let him be as hands-on as possible and only stuck the more difficult ones and picked out the letters for him to paste onto the canvas.

Jerry ‘working’ hard at scrapbooking

I had fun watching him stick all the stickers randomly and playing with the scrapbooking materials. I spent way too much time printing (printed a couple of family shots for the family to keep) and we sorta rushed through the entire scrapbooking bit of it.

Not too shabby for a scrapbooking noobie and 30 mins work with a hyperactive toddler. I had a lot of help from Estella and her husband who very nicely got me my supplies while i was stuck with the kid at the table cos he jumps out of the chair the moment i stand up too (thanks guys!).

A scrapbooking attempt of our “fishing” trip.

It’s not perfect and i guess it doesn’t need to. Sometimes, we are so obsessed with the end result that we didn’t enjoy the process of it all. I tried not to think too much and just stick and have fun, and had fun i did!

M.I.C.E at Canon Selphy Event

M.I.C.E takes a group pic at the event!

Ended the day with a group shot of M.I.C.E with our scrapbooking efforts! Hopefully I get the opportunity to do a full review on the printer and share with you guys soon!

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the event and was not compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinion are of my own.