Conversations with the husband #3

after a super frustrating bedtime routine with a toddler who simply refused to sleep for > 2 hours.. my tempers were flaring and I really was on the verge of strangling him or giving him away to another family. I was so tired, super sick and I badly wanted to grab some rest. so after loads of struggles, cries, whines, disciplinary acts and hugging daddy’s leg. I ignored him for the longest time and he fell asleep.  in the above position, over my blanket but under my bolster.


daddy and I finally sat down to have dinner at close to midnight, packed his school bag for tomorrow, washed the dishes and the milk bottles, bathe (the weather is killing) and now, I’m being the ‘milk maid’ while typing this.


the kid is still in the same position, sleeping.


me: tonight was a frustrating night. he really tested my patience and I almost lost it and strangled him to death.
der: what you mean. its not just tonight. its every night!
me: tonight was bad for me. I wished him dead many times in my mind.


(looks at the sleeping kid again)


me: eh, he didn’t move a single inch at all. maybe he is already dead. can you check under the bolster?
der: (without even batting his eyelashes and didn’t even move or look in the kid’s direction, said in a really calm composure) he’s alive la. he can’t be dead. the bad guys usually don’t die so easily, just like the movies. only the good guys die.
me: Hahahaha.


I love that the husband is sometimes lame like that. it just melts away whatever frustrations i have in this parenting journey.

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