So, it’s the long weekend that everyone is looking forward to! I have been so busy, I haven’t planned what to do with it yet. We visited the National Gallery and checked out the much raved about Children Biennale 2017 and also the exhibition of my one of the artists I really like – Yayoi Kusama (totally worth visiting!).  And oh, Jerry wanted to visit the library.. which we forgot to, and when we realised, it was too late.


So, the conversation happened while we were driving home.. I was negotiating on pushing the library trip to the next morning, and the kid decided to add on more to the bargain…

J: How about after that (the library), we go Levon’s house (his cousin)?
M: But I don’t know if he is free and at home. Why do you want to go his house?
J: I want to go play xbox with him! He is the only one who wants to play xbox with me.
M: That’s because he is the only one you know who has xbox.. (thinking how I can dissuade him because I really prefer he not spend the long weekend with any screen)
Oh! How about we ask Rachael (his favourite female classmate) what she is going be doing tomorrow and we go meet Rachael tomorrow instead. Would you prefer that?
J: (eyes lights up a little and breaks into a sheepish grin) Really meh?
M: Yeah. So would you prefer to go to Levon’s house or meet Rachael? Hmmm.. maybe Levon’s house might be a better idea lah, since you see Rachael in school every day right?
J: Hmmmm… Hmmm..
M: So how? You got to tell me which..
J: Aiyah, I don’t know lah. So difficult to answer.
M: Then how?? Or I help you decide?
J: OK! OK! I know. I will SPELL the name of the person I want to meet!
M: Ok, you know how to spell their names?
J: Of cos I know.. Ready? (short nervous pause) R-A-C-H-A-E-L!!! (in super fast speaking mode)
(oh my god, I found that so cute! and couldn’t help but grin at my kid, and decided to tease him a little)
M: Wow. you really know how to spell her name.
J: Of cos what. I told you I know already.
M: Is it because she is very important?
J: (silence from his end, but from the corner of my eyes.. he is grinning shyly)
J: *shot me an incredulous look* Of cos…. NOT LAH!
M: Why not? Am I important to you? How come you can spell Rachael but you cannot spell my name?
J: *feeling nervous* You are more important… (started to stutter) Can.. Can.. I try to spell?
M: Sure…
J: M-O-M-U….
M: That’s not my name!!
J: But’s its mummy! Mummy is you!
M: Ok. Fine. Spell it.
J: M-O-M-A…  M-O-M-N-A-E…,,,, M-O-M-U-Y
M: Wrong! I am so sad…
J: Mummy, can you give me another chance?
M: Another chance to spell? Sure!
J: No. I cannot spell. Can you don’t tell people that I can spell Rachael and not your name?
M: *faints*

Mummy here is so poor thing.


And sorry kid, this is way too hilarious for me not to share. He is so cute, and I wished I could capture his innocence right there and then. And I also found it funny that I have to compete for his attention with another girl.. at the grand age of SIX only. He’s not even into his teens yet! I super love chatting with him now. He is like a small little adult now. He has also become so much easier to manage and has his own thoughts about what he wants to do on a daily basis and just go about doing his own stuff. Wished he isn’t growing up so fast. Primary 1 registration in a couple of weeks!