Jerome is sick.

Sickie Jerome looking glum

Conversations with the husband #4

Quick update: My little chub chub is still sick and running the possibility of a hospital admission. sigh. We are gonna nebulize him for 2 days in hope he gets better else we will be reporting to the hospital for admission. I do hope that doesn’t happen. it’s bad enough that both kids are sick and we blew 600+ at the doc’s today.

mean while, I haven’t recorded the funny conversations with the husband for a while so here’s one.

(I saw a really cute girl on the streets and wished I could have a girl..)
me: if we had a girl, would you dote on the girl more as compared to the boys?
der: no. I’m impartial. I will dote on whoever is obedient.
me: you sure? but daddy always dote on their daughters isn’t it? I thought there is a saying… (me trying to recall)
der: …that daughters are lovers in my previous life??
me: ya!! that’s it..
der: who knows? maybe I was a gay in my previous life?
me: *rofl* that’s f**king funny. its going up my blog!!




this morning, I was trying to recall the snippets of the conversation to blog about it but couldn’t recall at all… so I ended up asking the husband.

 Conversations with the husband #5 

me: hey.. what was the funny conversation that I said I wanted to blog about? I can’t remember it any more!
der: huh?! It was just yesterday.. you sure you forgot?
me: ya.. These days my memory is very bad.
der: like a goldfish?
me: maybe slightly better..
der: oh, you mean like a BIG goldfish?
me: *!#$/^&%?!


I’m sure my life is made a lot more interesting by marrying my husband.


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