Jerry in his car seat, while the sun sets in the background.

Jerry in his car seat, while the sun sets in the background.

Der shared this story with me the other day. He was driving the kids home when he was going into a merging lane and the car beside him is crawling slowly. He stepped on the accelerator and revved up to zoom pass the vehicle next to him in order to merge properly and at that point, the car let out a loud… VVRRRAAAOOOOOMMM!

Jerry, who is usually very aware of everything while riding in the car started questioning.

J (Jerry): Woahhhh! Papa, what’s that?!
D (Der): What?
J: Your car is very fast.
D: Ya, the car in front is very slow, so my car is angry. [he is talking nonsense here!!]
J: Ya… your car is angry… [ponders for a few secs] Papa! Can you do that again?! AGAIN!!

(p.s. I have no idea if the husband repeated the act, or not but it is to my own best interest not to find out.)

Honestly, I hate it when the husband sprout nonsense to the kids (what is he teaching them?!) but I wasn’t around to correct him that day. Then again, I guess we make a good complement to each other for the kids as parents because he makes life more fun for the kids while I am more the serious one and more concerned about what they learn is correct and proper and probably, the more boring parent.

Do you teach your kid nonsense for a good laugh or are you like me, the boring proper parent? Do share and tell me!

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