I wrote this Conversation with the Husband post a long while back and totally forgot all about it until I was looking through all drafts. It’s a gleaming gem. I think I didn’t post it cos I didn’t have an appropriate picture. I still don’t, but I guess I better post it now before I forget all over again. Not going to get any picture of the husband in the next 1 week anyway. He is outstation for the week.

Der with Robin, the smrt ezlink card that I swapped for him

Der with Robin, the smrt ezlink card that I swapped for him.
(irrelevant pic, I know)

It happened one day when we were done having dinner at home and the husband was cleaning up and table and washing up..

Der (D): [while washing dishes] Hmmm..do you think you are clever?
Cher (C): no, not at all.
D: why would you say that? I think you are very clever you know?
C: really?! No lah. I’m not lah. How can I be clever?
D: because you picked a good husband that knows how to do housework and clean after you.
C: ….. …… …… (speechless)

And actually, as much as I would love to claim myself as the domestic goddess, he’s right. (P.s. I’m still the domestic goddess, but he coexist along with me)

It’s not that I don’t know how to do it, or lazy to do it. But I sometimes.. just simply don’t have the time for so many things and naturally,  the not so important house work doesn’t get done on a daily basis. It’s currently on a I-see-and-free-so-i-do-it-basis or a need to do it basis. Errm, disclaim – 2 kids and a house is A LOT of work… plus I’m juggling full time work and trying to maintain my blog at the same time.

I am eternally thankful that my husband picks up the house chores and does it without a qualm. He may not have done it the best way possible (I sometimes nit pick or try to teach him more efficient way or better way to do certain things), and the fact that he doesn’t sweep/mop under the bed/sofa when he does sweep/mop (I have since made my stand, and he has improved on that since), I think he is pretty perfect.

He is a neat freak and I’m happy to see the house being neat when I come home from work at times and I really truly appreciate it. I mean, I can live with some mess but I do love it when the house is neat and tidy. He’s constantly trying to keep things in order while I think I’m constantly messing things up.

And get it. I NEVER OPERATED THE WASHING MACHINE EVER BEFORE. Not once in the what, past 1 year that I moved into the house.

Because I never need to. The husband is the laundry man (he took it upon himself since day 1) and always, always does the laundry promptly. Amazing right? I know. I am very appreciative and thankful even though I may not always tell him that!

P.s. If you are wondering, I do other stuff that the husband doesn’t do – cook, washing the toilets, ironing etc and I think we make a great pair! Who needs a maid when we can do it ourselves? Besides, I think I am more hands on with the kids when it comes to reading, crafting and putting them to bed. The husband always end up shouting when he has to put the kids in bed. I love it when we complement each other so well.