Jerome wailing on the scales.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. I’m back with a quick “Conversations with the husband” post while I try and recover from the post CNY fatigue. It’s been a few days of madness and sleep deprivation and I wished I had taken leave to recover from all these. Definitely don’t feel as young anymore!

Will try posting from frequently this week!

Conversations with the husband #8

We had an extremely exhausting evening a couple of days ago (pre cny) while managing 2 kids and staying hungry till midnight. It was one of those days that left me fuming for hours and kept questioning myself why  the hell I had kids. Believe me.. It was real bad and I haven’t felt like that for months.

Jerome was really cranky but refused to sleep for hours. Jerry was being his attention seeking self and being annoying and kept shooting me questions machine gun style (non stop!!), asking for chocolates/sweets/kindersurprise/toys/TV etc. My patience ran really thin after hours of it, complete with tears, hugs and cries from the kid. It was so annoying – I didn’t even have 2 mins to cook myself a packet of instant noodles!!

I finally abandoned the noodles i was attempting to cook halfway, made milk for the kiddo and went to bed with him in an attempt to make him sleep.. I fell asleep instead. 

The husband emerged from our bedroom and woke me up when I was on Jerry’s bed… and we proceeded to work on our half cooked noodles at midnight.

C: man. Your son is mad irritating. Where did he learn that machine gun questioning from? He goes on and on and on, non stop.. not taking no for an answer. I think I almost stabbed him with the kitchen knife while I was trying to cook my noodles. 
D: lucky it was you.. I would have killed him if it was me… oh wait. Maybe I’ll cook the noodles first and eat them before I will kill him. Satisfy my hunger first.
C: hur. .hur.. hur. .

P.s. We are just joking and didn’t really mean it. It’s somewhat a form of stress reliever for us to talk nonsense and laugh our anger away. No parents in their sane mind would really harm their kids.

How do you mum and dads do it? At those moment when the kids drive you up the wall and to the point of insanity? Do share because our patience is stretched really really thin these days! Would love to learn a tip or two! Thanks in advance!

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