Jerry & his birthday balloons

Jerry & his birthday balloons

Things Jerry says #12!

So, my kid turned 3 years old a week back and I thought it would be cool to ask him his age and see if he would reply.. and guess what? I’m in for quite a shock! The conversation goes…

Mama (M): Jerry, how old are you?
Jerry (J): 3 assholes
M: Jerry, speak properly and don’t mumble. 3 YEARS old.
J: Orrr… 3 years old.

I’ll be really worried if he had 3 assholes! But the husband and me did have a good laugh. Actually, I called the husband into the room and repeated my questions at him to replay his reply for the husband before I jumped in to correct him. Thought it’s too good a joke not to share with the husband and have him experience/hear it for himself.

P.s. he is able to pronounce it properly now, so please don’t attempt asking him and have him repeat the assholes.

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