Things Jerry Says - Jerry falls in love!

Things Jerry Says – Jerry falls in love!

It’s been a while since I updated with a Things Jerry Says post! It’s not that he hasn’t been sprouting funny things, but I was too preoccupied with surviving life that I haven’t dedicated much time to blog things down. I have quite a number of drafts sitting around, but I wanted to share this first!

Recently, we have been asking Jerry about his school and his classmates, and naturally, out of curiousity… we asked about the female students in his class. Like who is the prettiest etc. One girl always stood out. Her name is Rachel, and we know that Jerry is quite fond of her. So one of those days, we (more specifically, daddy) decided to be a little naughty and probed more..

Daddy (D): Jerry, does Rachel like you?
Jerry (J): Yes!
D: How do you know?
J: Yes… (not understanding what daddy is really asking for)
D: Did she tell you?
J: yes..
D: What did she say?
J: She tell me “I love you!”
D: really?!
J: Really!
D: Why she likes you?
J: Because i handsome!

(not shy, my son!)

D: Do you like Rachel?
J: yes
D: Did you hold her hand?
J: yes!

We have quite a bit of fun probing him and giggling to ourselves afterwards. I wasn’t expecting to deal with this type of BGR issues this early, but I guess at their age, it’s all fun and friendship kind and nothing much to worry about. I do wonder, how Joy would react though if she knows about it though. Maybe she will go off and find cuter boys. Heh.

Guess daddy & me would remember Rachel in Jerry’s early growing up years. Honestly, I find her really pretty on the (get this) FIRST day and remembered her distinctively. Hee hee. There will be at least another 3 years of them being in the same school and I can’t wait to see how their friendship would grow. Jerry doesn’t really have a lot of chinese class mates actually, so I am quite sure they would grow closer with in time to come!


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