It’s been a LONG time since I last posted a “conversation” series post. It’s not that the kids haven’t been saying anything funny or worth recording, but I have been so busy in the past months that I never got round to doing it… and I can’t remember those conversations anymore. Regrets that a full-time working mum has to deal with.

So, last week, I came home one night really late (midnight) and was lazy to fish out my keys when I saw the living room light on. I knocked at the door and here’s what happened!


Mummy (M): *knock knock*
Hears a commotion in the house with the husband telling the kids to open the door..

Jerry (J): (behind the door) mummy is it you?!
M: Yes, it’s me. Please open the door. Thank you!
Little fingers fumbles with the door knob and many seconds later.. a tiny head popped out behind it.. 

Jerry pops out behind the door after fumbling with the door knob for a while...

Jerry pops out behind the door after fumbling with the door knob for a while…

J: Mummy, I thought you are bad guy!! I don’t dare to open the door!
M: Well done Jerry! It’s good that you asked before you opened the door. I could really be a bad guy if I never reply your question. You must always check make sure it’s me before you open the door next time, okay?
J: Okay!

I marvelled at how much my kids have grown, sometimes without me even realising it. A not so distant memory away, I remember they were still struggling to take their first steps and trying to balance. These days, they can hold decent conversations and conduct questioning sessions at me asking me about my day, what I do etc.

There are days where I wished I had more time in a day to spend with them, or where I wished the time didn’t slip away from my hands as fast as it is happening now. Other days like today, I try to spend time with them amidst distractedly typing this post, hoping to capture this memory before I lose it again.

I know it’s not easy being a mum, but I also know.. as much as there are frustrations and tears, there will always be a part of me filled with love and wonder, at how these little beings fill my life with so. much. joy. And how much I love waking up to them snuggling close to me.

Now, excuse me while I go put my little beings to bed. And yes, it’s a super random post and I am ending it abruptly! Till my next blog post… bye!

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