I haven’t updated a conversational series for a long time. Life’s been pretty packed and the Choo family is currently fighting a viral attack so we are all down with fever, cold, vomiting and all. Pretty sad to be down over the festive season, but I am sure we’ll all be back healthy to face 2016!

So, Jerry has been very familiar with the concept of “buying things” now. Each time I leave the car for work, he will always end it with a question of “Mummy, can you buy me X toy?”. Of cos, it is always met with a “No” with most days. I can’t be buying toys everyday and I need to teach the kids that buying toys is a privilege and not an entitlement.

Just the recent Sunday, while we were in Malaysia to celebrate my granduncle’s birthday as well as to visit my grandpa, I was a little surprised by the little kid. We were making our usual grocery runs in the supermarket..

Things Jerry Says - Jerry: Mummy, can we buy this?

Jerry: Mummy, can we buy this?

He took a box of mosquito repellent from the shelves and went..

Jerry (J): Mummy, can we buy this?
Mummy (M): Why do you want to buy that?
J: This is to kill mosquitoes right?
M: Yes, it is.
J: Can we buy and put in lao gong’s (great grandpa) house in Rengam? Because lao gong’s house got a lot of mosquitoes and it will kill all the mosquitoes for lao gong.
M: *speechless for a couple of seconds* Oh.. that’s very nice of you, but lao gong is now in the hospital and doesn’t need it yet. We’ll buy it another time ok?
J: Ok. *put item back on shelf*

If only, my grandpa in hospital knows about this little boy’s thoughts. So sweet. And for the record, this is probably the FIRST time he asked to buy something that isn’t a toy/sweets that’s for his own benefit. Definitely one that I must put in the books (I mean, journal).

P.s.s. Jerome is currently at the parroting phase and would parrot whatever the big brother says or do. And oh, also at the stage of showing that signature hand sign for photo taking.

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