I have been lemming for the samsung note 3 in rose gold color for the longest time and was totally determined to get it this weekend. It’s officially launched last week and i wasn’t around so i went on a quest today to hunt for the best bargain.

I reckon it’s an eye opening experience for the husband. I asked the first shop and he wanted to buy it there and then! I told him he’s mad. I eventually settled it at the 8th or 9th shop that I came across and saved the husband close to 60 bucks. He is a happy man with the moolah saved and I, a happy girl.  its a belated xmas present from the husb. But I had a real dilemma though.. I wanted to get the white for the longest time and I eventually got the black color..

Samsung Note 3 Rose Gold Black Rose Gold White

Can’t decide between the Black or White version for Samsung Note 3 Rose Gold.

C: what color should I get? I like the White. . And most of the shops only have black! *gloomy look on face*
D: get the black. Black is nicer. Black and gold is a winner.
C: but the white has got a nicer face..
D: gold on white cannot really see. The contrast on the black phone is better..
C: really meh?
D: black and rose gold.. is like hublot!! White and rose gold is like… is like… guess.
C: eh.. uh huh.. okay…..

So black & rose gold it is even though the shop I bought at is the only shop that has the white version and it’s the last piece..

Actually, I think the black is quite manly. Hahaha. But it’s OK la. I have been having white phones for a long while already, nice to have a change too.

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